On the Road to a Culture of Life!


2021: An incredible year!
Jan 11
TWO pro-life bills pass House & Senate!
Addia Wuchner, I’m Alive Pro-life Activists, KyRTL and pro-life partners spearhead an event at the Capitol for a FIRST-EVER alliance of Ky pro-life organizations for pro-life legislators and state officers to announce passage of two pro-life bills, HB2 and SB9.
Jan 15
KyRTL welcomes Addia Wuchner as Executive Director, officially as of Jan 22! Her impressive background brings us new expertise in legislative matters, bioethics and medical ethics.
Jan 20
Inauguration Day
President Biden tells pro-abortion World Health Organization that the US will remain a member; Trump began the process of withdrawal last July because of COVID19 missteps.
Jan 22
The 48th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade
Biden and Harris issue a statement calling for Roe's codification in US Law.
Jan 28
Mexico City Policy
Biden repeals Trump's Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance Policy that prevented health funds from going to foreign non-governmental organizations that perform or promote abortion, and withdraws from the US-led Geneva Consensus Declaration that 'abortion is not an international human right’, and more…
Feb 2
Legislative Session Work
Addia and KyRTL champion numerous pro-life bills in the Regular Session and rally support among KyRTL and pro-life supporters throughout the state.
Feb 27
AAPLOG Support
KyRTL participated in the American Association of Pro-life ObGyns (AAPLOG) winter seminar in support of pro-life medical professionals and the Hippocratic Oath.
Mar 1
Annual Essay Contest
The KyRTL Essay Contest attracts 34 entries from HS freshmen, sophomores and juniors across the state; one in each division wins $200!
Mar 17
ERA Dreams
Administration issues statement in support of the Equal Rights Amendment which would mandate federal funding for abortion.
Mar 18
Annual Celebration Banquet
KyRTL joined with Right to Life of Louisville to host the 2021 Celebration of Life Banquet. Read more about Awards given.
Mar 18
Double Trouble
Biden's Office of Population Affairs of the HHS announces plan to repeal Protect Life Rule of Trump's Title X change. And California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, strong enemy of pro-life causes, is confirmed as Health and Human Services secretary.
Mar 24
Scholarships for Seniors
KyRTL announces the Pro-life Legacy Founders Scholarship Fund for HS seniors! Four $1000 scholarship will be awarded this spring.
Mar 27
Support After Abortion Virtual Conference
Condemnation to Compassion the theme!
Mar 29
Yes for Life!
Addia, KyRTL and pro-life partners organize a pro-life Rally in Frankfort to encourage passage of HB91. The Bill passes on the very last day of the Regular Session!
Apr 12
Abortion pills in the mail
FDA drops regulation that abortion pills must be dispensed in person by medical provider— a major blow to women's health safety.
Apr 16
Baby Body Parts
NIH announces it will repeal Trump-era policy that heavily restricted taxpayer funding of aborted fetal tissue.
Apr 20
DC Statehood
White House issues a statement to support Washington DC becoming the 51st US state. Read more to understand how this undermines pro-life goals.
Apr 21
Abortion Billboards
KyRTL issues an official statement about Abortion billboards going up around Ky that seek to de-stigmatize abortion.
Apr 28
Freedom of Speech
Louisville Metro Council Ordinance to establish a Buffer Zone at all healthcare facilities passed committee hearing. Addia and Ed Harpring with the Archdioocese of Louisville defend the pro-life position in the debate.
Apr 29
Hot off the Press!
The Abortion Billboard at the Ky Fair and Exposition Center has been removed!
May 10
Medical Conscience
Biden overturns Trump Rule protecting medical conscience.
May 10
Medical Conscience in Perspective
See Ky's Time Tunnel 1974 Healthcare Worker Conscience Law that forbids publicly owned health care facilities to perform abortions, and forbids privately owned facilities or providers (doctors, nurses, others) to be required to, or held liable for refusal to, perform abortions.
May 20
Buffer Zone
Metro Louisville passes an ordinance to require a buffer zone at all healthcare facility entrances.
May 26
Senator Rand Paul demands answers from SBA
Planned Parenthood (PP), a very large business, received a PPP loan from the SBA. Rand Paul wants PP to pay back the loan.
May 27
No Hyde Amendment in Proposed Biden Budget
President Biden made it official today by proposing a federal budget without the Hyde Amendment for the first time since the late 1970s when it was adopted.
Jun 2
Monkey-Human Chimera Created in Lab
Wow, even this is not against the law in the USA! "Major pro-life groups support legislation to prohibit the creation of human-animal hybrids including the Family Research Council, Susan B. Anthony List, National Right to Life and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops…"
Jun 2
IVF Issues Foreseen by KRLA
See Ky's Time Tunnel 1980 prohibition against use of public funds for in vitro fertilization that destroys a human embryo.
Jun 8
Sidewalk Counselors Continue!
Sisters For Life, together with Kentucky Right To Life, filed a lawsuit seeking an injunction against Louisville Metro, Mayor Greg Fisher, Louisville Metro Police Chief Ericka Shields…
Jun 15
Attorney General Cameron pursues Dismemberment Abortion case
“We are paralyzed in moving forward to address any human rights injustices that deform our culture today until we resolve the greatest human rights issues of our day, the basic right to life and the human rights of every child.”
Jul 23
Protest of Disappointment
Pro-lifers protested Mount St. Joseph, a Catholic University in Cincinnati, Ohio, when it hosted a Town Hall for Pres. Joe Biden.
Jul 27
Mississippi Attorney General asks SCOTUS to overturn Roe!
KRTL thanks all who have signed Amicus briefs in support of the Mississippi SCOTUS case…
Aug 20
Yes for Life Media Campaign Launched
At the Ky State Fair, pro-life partners announce major effort to pass Ky Constitutional Amendment in 2022!
Aug 21
Scholarship Winners Announced!
Statewide winners received their scholarship money.
Sep 19
Annual Walk for Life a Huge Success
Joining with Right to Life of Louisville, we walked for life at Bowman Field.
Sep 24
All but one House Dem vote to codify Roe
The U.S. House passed a radical pro-abortion bill Friday that would force states to legalize the killing of unborn babies in abortions without limits up to birth nation-wide.
Oct 4
Annual Golf Outing
Supporters of the Right to Life Educational Foundation came through once again!
Oct 4
Trump Title X Rule overturned
$60 million in funding will now go to the Planned Parenthood abortion business.
Oct 6
Press Conference to Cheer AG Cameron & Team
Legislators, media turn out to support the Ky AG Team as they go to SCOTUS …
Oct 12
Supreme Court Case argued by AG Cameron Team
Appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court appears promising after even some liberal justices seemed favorable…
Oct 20
The Pro-life Omnibus Bill was presented to a committee at the Capitol.
Initially introduced in the 2021 Regular Session, we seek its passage in 2022. …
Nov 1
Supreme Court hears argument seeking to block the Texas Heartbeat Law.
Thousands of babies' lives are saved each day the Law is enforced! On Dec. 10 SCOTUS ruling did not stop the Law.
Nov 2
KRLA PAC-endorsed candidates all win in the 2021 Special Elections!
House Districts 51 and 89 and Senate District 22 retain pro-life stance.
Nov 8
KET's Ky Tonight program hosted by Renee Shaw presents abortion debate.
Features Addia, Nancy Tate and Katie Glenn on the pro-life side. Watch!
Dec 1
Dobbs v. Jackson is argued before SCOTUS.
KRTL's Addia Wuchner and board member Nancy Tate, a state representative, rallied for the pro-life cause on the steps of the Supreme Court.
Dec 14
The Biden Administration continues to nominate anti-life individuals to high posts.
Dr. Robert Califf is the nominee for the FDA commissioner.
Dec 15
KRTL joins State Representative Nancy Tate at a brief presentation about the “Humanity in HealthCare Act 2022”
Presented to the Interim Joint House & Senate Health and Welfare Committee
Have a wonderful Holiday Season!
2022, an Election Year, promises to be a busy year for pro-life work.

Help us reclaim the culture of life in 2022!