Buffer Zone argued, defended, exposed as inequitable and uncompassionate

At the Metro Council meeting on May 20, people from various walks in Metro Louisville weighed in on the need for a Buffer Zone (BZ) for all healthcare facilities.

A number of testimonies were shared, including by EMW's Dr. Ernest Marshall and Louisville RTL Board President Cathie Young. Please move the video play button to approximately 30 minutes to hear Cathie's excellent address to the Council.

Council member Marilyn Parker made the point that the same rule should be applied to other facilities and activities in the Metro area. Stuart Benson explained that the baby is innocent of wrongdoing, and the need for women to hear the truth about abortion.

The BZ Ordinance passed 14-11, with four Democrats voting with the seven Republicans. The Democrats were: Rick Blackwell (D-12), Mark Fox (D-13), Cindi Fowler (D-14), and Kevin Triplett (D-15).