Kentucky Right to Life with Right to Life of Louisville
& the Right to Life Educational Foundation of Kentucky
Invite You to the 2021 Celebration of Life Banquet

Thursday, March 18 | Crowne Plaza Hotel | Doors open at 6 PM | Dinner at 7 PM | FLYER with form

18 Mar 2021


The date for the Annual Celebration of Life Banquet is Thursday, March 18.

Right to Life is thrilled to announce that our keynote speaker AND singer is Mark Schultz. Mark is a Christian recording artist with an impressive two million records sold to date, ten No. 1 singles, and a Dove Award, in addition to several nominations.

He lives by following God’s call, declaring his motto “Whatever season I’m in, that’s the call I’m following.” At times that entails releasing records and being a touring artist and at others that involves a more challenging, fulfilling call of fatherhood. His music illustrates how he navigates his life, not by his own will, but God’s. Mark’s powerful song of adoption “Everything To Me” actually changed a woman’s mind from abortion to adoption. The most recent step of faith that Schultz and his wife have taken is adopting their third child.

The adoption was a full-circle moment for Schultz, who is also adopted. Now on the parental side of adoption, Schultz says he views being adopted-by his parents and by God-in a totally different way. The theological insight, as well as the natural shift in priorities that often accompanies becoming a parent, has added a new layer to Schultz’s songwriting. His lyrics reveal he is not only thinking about who he follows, but who his kids will follow one day. Of course, this type of legacy requires investing in the lives of your kids today, which goes back to the whole idea of what you follow. The investments we are making right now will pay off when our kids are older.

Doors open at 6 PM and dinner is served at 7 PM.

There will be many opportunities to contribute to the cause that evening including silent auction items, a raffle on money and gift card trees, membership renewal, and a financial appeal will be made. Come early to kibbitz with fellow pro-lifers!

Sponsorships and Program ads are still being accepted.

To RSVP for a table of 10, please mail a check to Right to Life, 134 Breckinridge Lane, Louisville, KY 40207. An adult ticket is $50 and a full table is $500. Please bring your friends!

The Combined Event

Right to Life of Louisville has been the driving force behind many of the events that support Kentucky Right to Life. We are working now to support KRLA as it seeks to expand and add Affiliates. We are excited to enlarge the Celebration Banquet with this combined sponsorship. And everyone will be thrilled to meet the Banquet Award recipients this year! RSVP NOW!

2021 banquet keynoter

Mark Schultz, a Dove award winner Christian musician, the 2021 Keynoter. This gives ther term keynoter a fresh meaning!

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Scenes from the 2020 Banquet