JANUARY 15, 2019    VOL VI, NO 2 
BIG is the Word!
Make it a BIG Rally!
The 46th anniversary of Roe v. Wade arrives next Tuesday. Find your local KRLA affiliate to RALLY for LIFE! Louisville RTL invites you to come to its rally on the steps of the Louisville Metro Hall, 527 W. Jefferson St. (formerly Jefferson Co. Courthouse) at noon to hear pro-life speakers and be a voice for the voiceless. Come exercise your First Amendment Rights! You CAN peaceably assemble! You CAN express your anguish over babies being dismembered, suctioned, killed, trashed.
BIG Pro-life Caucus Press Conference!
..."Before the press conference, many in the audience were overheard saying-- 'Wow! I can’t believe we have all these pro-life people in our legislature!' 'This is so encouraging!' 'This is incredible to see such support. It’s wonderful!'..."
Maybe you can’t go to the March for Life or attend a Rally for Life on Jan. 22, but you CAN add your name to the Annual Statewide Full-Page Roe v. Wade Memorial Signature Ad in the C-J. The ad will run Sunday, January 20, to honor life and to remember lovingly  over 60 million lives lost to abortion since Jan. 22, 1973. Please act now! A donation of $5 per line for an individual or family/couple name(s) helps to bring this message to the public. Deadline to sign is 9 AM, Thurs., Jan. 17. Go here to sign up and help pay for the ad.

The BIG Rally for Life in Frankfort will be Thurs., Mar. 7!
Come and show support for our pro-life legislators and bills, and maybe by then, new laws! We need to show our support because our state is defending three pro-life bills in the courts system—
Laws passed by our legislature! Good laws!

Don't miss THIS BIG EVENT on Mar. 8
The Louisville Affiliate invites everyone to the Annual Celebration of Life Banquet to be held in the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Louisville. Doors open at 6 PM, dinner served at 7 PM; Adult tickets $40, Students $25. Come hear Ryan Bomberger, international speaker and inventor of pro-life memes and messages! See his work on