JANUARY 1, 2019    VOL VI, NO 1 
Let's Go!
Call 502-895-5959 now to go with the KRLA delegation
to the 2019 March for Life ! See itinerary here .
At #1 with 10.2K views, Facebookers liked KRLA's final post of 2018-- "Let this story and image provoke us to be actively pro-life in 2019." Thank you for your devotion & encouragement!
Also popular were posts about Colin Kaepernick, Christine Blasey Ford, President Trump, the Ky Dismemberment Bill, Assisted Suicide and more.
We will share links on these on our website soon.
Ask your pastor or priest
Each month KRLA mails a copy of the abortion statistics for Ky's only abortion clinic to every church in the metro Louisville area. Is your church on the list? You can also review these sad statistics here. These are collected by volunteers, and during the Transfer Agreements trial, the EMC owner shared his abortions numbers-- they were nearly the same as those of the pro-life sidewalk counselor surveillance team. We hope each church posts these on a bulletin board. Does yours? Find out! Let us know. Shown: Sep 2018 pdf
Memorial Signature Ad
Full-page C-J Statewide Edition Ad Marks Anniversary of Roe v Wade
This annual full-page ad is a project of the Right to Life of Louisville Chapter, however each KRLA member and all pro-lifers are invited to add YOUR signature. Please sign your John Hancock, and contribute $5 or more to help pay for the ad. Thank you! The art/message for the ad is being developed. Ad will run Life Sunday, January 20; deadline to sign is Tues., Jan. 15.

PLEASE NOTE: KRLA has published a new website- https://krla.org
The HTTPS (not HTTP) is new. At this writing we are adjusting the site, and have not yet posted a form to sign up for the C-J ad but we soon will.
The new site will (soon) let pro-life businesses have a free listing.
It includes a database to collect your vital pro-life info such as which House and Senate District you are in so that we can alert you about candidates. It has a blog so that we can share current news and more.