FEBRUARY 1, 2019    VOL VI, NO 3 
Hullabaloo Helps
It was heartening to read this morning that the Virginia Bill to allow abortion as a woman is dilating has been TABLED. As Sen. Ben Sasse tweeted (paraphrased), “The governor who discussed ‘infanticide’ should resign if he won't back down.”

Because the videos of Va. Gov. Northam (who is also a pediatric neurologist) and Bill Sponsor Kathy Tran went viral, pro-life public outcry in social and other media caused the legislation to fail in committee. 
Your Active Support Helps Most
Thank you to all who gave their names to the annual statewide C-J ad that ran Jan. 20 to memorialize 61 million babies who have died in abortion since Roe v. Wade became law.

Thank you to all who Marched for Life and were active in other pro-life events in January. Shown right are students from Holy Angels School who came to the Louisville Rally for Life.

The C-J ad featured a poster designed by Ryan Bomberger who will speak at the Annual Celebration of Life Banquet. Ryan is a child of rape and a bold pro-life speaker and designer of art like the meme above left---to be shared on social media. Please join us on Friday, March 8, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Louisville. RSVP NOW! Doors open at 6 PM, dinner served at 7 PM; adult tickets $40, students $25.

Please MARK YOUR CALENDAR for the KRLA Rally for Life in Frankfort, Thursday, March 7 at 11 AM in the Rotunda. Meet your legislators, encourage passage of the pro-life bills; KEEP KENTUCKY PRO-LIFE!
We're ahead
(for now)
The National RTL has published the 2019 State of Abortion report and it reveals that Kentucky is on the leading edge of states with legal protection for mothers pre-born babies, and for conscience rights. Left and below and in the Report, see the maps that show our success in legislating protections for Life. However, be aware that some of these are currently undergoing an appeal process that could end badly. When laws passed by pro-life legislators are challenged by the ACLU and their plaintiffs, if we lose, the plaintiff also may demand that the subject of the law never be allowed to resurface.

Activist judges can override elected officials. It takes hard work and prayer to retain our lead. We should never take it for granted.