SEPTEMBER 4, 2018    VOL V, NO 17 
Kavanaugh Hearings Start Today
It’s been a hot summer but we are sure to enter the dog days today. Figuratively speaking, the political environment will be in the 100s.

Brett Kavanaugh is currently a District Appeals Court Judge for D.C., appointed by President Bush in 2003.
His nomination was stalled in the Senate for three years!

Why was/is he so controversial? Here are some insights that will encourage pro-lifers to speak well of him when debates arise in conversations.

1. During his confirmation hearings in 2006 for the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, Kavanaugh stated that he considered Roe v Wade binding as a legal precedent, and would follow the ruling of SCOTUS. However in 2017 he praised the late Chief Justice William Rehnquist for dissenting in Roe v Wade, saying that Rehnquist believed an 'unenumerated' (constitutional) right to abortion would have to be "rooted into the traditions and conscience of our people. ... he could not reach such a conclusion about abortion."
2. More than half of Kavanaugh's law clerks have been women and 13 of 48 have been people of color. They are very conservative. This is considered to be a valid method of determining how a Judge will rule.
3. Brett is no stranger to high-profile cases and is not afraid to confront powers-that-be. When he argued his first and only case before the Supreme Court, the investigation into the suicide of Clinton aide Vince Foster, he asked SCOTUS to disregard attorney-client privilege. They ruled not to, 6-3.
4. He has written two amicus briefs in support of religious activities and expressions in public places.
5. He dissented from a decision that denied a judges’ panel from rehearing the arguments in the Priests for Life v. HHS ruling in which the panel upheld the ACA's contraceptive mandate against Priests for Life's Religious Freedom Restoration Act claims.
6. Kavanaugh opposed the decision of the D.C. Circuit Court earlier this year that permitted an illegal immigrant to obtain an abortion. 

The National Right to Life and KRLA enthusiastically endorse Brett Kavanaugh. See the Video of the Month on the KRLA website for Live Coverage of the Hearings!
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