We heard from three legislators at the State Conference on Oct. 27 in E-town. Each encouraged us to get out the vote to preserve the pro-life agenda in Frankfort. (The candidates shown will run in 2019.)

The featured speakers, Dr. Matthew Harrison and Melissa Ohden, were outstanding! Did you know:
  1. In Europe 50% of all abortions are medical (RU486) and in the USA, they account for 33%.
  2. More than 500 Abortion Pill Reversals (APR) have been successful.
  3. The APR program is operating in 46 states and 15 countries. 
  4. Research studies have shown the APR does not cause birth defects.

Let’s get the word out that medical abortions can be reversed! The APR website FAQ states, “Even if 72 hours have passed, call our hotline (877) 558-0333. We are here to help. It may not be too late.”

Melissa Ohden encouraged us to make the public aware that there are many babies born alive after abortions. As a nation we must lay down laws to protect these innocents. Born alive at about 31 weeks after five days in saline solution, her personal story was riveting. Finding her birth family members was as much a gift to them as to her. This story helped us think about the treasure of family.