As the 60-day Kentucky legislative session concluded in late April, Governor Matt Bevin signed additional bills into law which included SB 112 , a bill on telemedicine that incorporates our Amendment 3 on Web Cam Abortions. This law should save many preborn babies’ lives. It requires the abortionist to be physically present in the same room as the woman seeking an abortion. The amendment was adopted by a 32-2 vote. Kentucky will become the 20th state to enact this law.

We reported on the Dismemberment Abortion Ban, which passed by wide margins in the House and the Senate, in our first April e-letter and then in mid-April shared with you that the ACLU is suing to overturn that law.

The Down Syndrome Non-Discrimination Act had two hearings but no vote was taken. We plan to have it introduced again. It has had success in other states and there was support from many legislators.