MARCH 15, 2018    VOL V, NO 6
No Time to Waste
It is Day 50 of the 2018 Kentucky Legislative Session. There are not many days left in the regular session. Pray with us that the Bills to protect the unborn will become law. 

At this writing, we are waiting to learn if the Down Syndrome Bill - HB 455 will be voted on. We urge you to contact your legislator as well as Addia Wuchner, Chair, Health & Family Services, and David Osbourne, House Speaker, to call for a vote TODAY, March 15! The message line number is in the photo.

This Bill seeks “to prohibit an abortion if the pregnant woman is seeking the abortion, in whole or in part, because of a test result indicating Down syndrome in an unborn child, a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome in an unborn child, or any other reason to believe that the child has Down syndrome, except in the case of a medical emergency…”

Why is this a critical piece of legislation? To save the lives of human beings! We have come to a Hitlerian stage in our country. In current practice, Down Syndrome people do not fulfill the qualifications of the “master race” and can be aborted. Where will this judgmental, permissive mentality end? The ACLU will work against usLet's RALLY now!
Thank you, House!
We are grateful that the “Dismemberment” Bill, HB 454, has passed the House! Let your Senators know you support this legislation that will “prohibit an abortion on a pregnant woman that will result in the bodily dismemberment, crushing, or human vivisection of the unborn child when the probable post-fertilization age of the unborn child is 11 weeks or greater, except in the case of a medical emergency…”

The Legislative Record Roll Call shows that 71 representatives voted YEA, 11 voted NAY, 0 abstained, and 18 did not vote. The photo shows Rep. Addia Wuchner sponsoring this bill. See a Video Wrap-up of the Session here. KRLA thanks all who voted for HB 454.
Most who voted against HB 454 were from Jefferson Co. or Fayette:
  1. George Brown - Fayette Co
  2. Tom Burch - Jefferson Co
  3. McKenzie Cantrell - Jefferson Co
  4. Jeffrey Donohue - Jefferson Co
  5. Derrick Graham - Franklin Co
  6. Joni Jenkins - Jefferson Co
  7. Mary Lou Marzian - Jefferson Co
  8. Ruth Ann Palumbo - Fayette Co
  9. Attica Scott - Jefferson Co
  10. Jim Wayne - Jefferson Co
  11. Susan Westrom - Fayette Co
15 Democrats voted for HB 454:
Rocky Adkins - Elliott, Lewis, Rowan
Will Coursey - Lyon, Marshall, McCracken
Al Gentry - Jefferson
Jeff Greer - Hardin, Meade
Chris Harris - Martin, Pike
Angie Hatton - Letcher, Pike
Russ Meyer - Fayette, Jessamine
Rick Nelson - Bell, Harlan
Rick Rand - Carroll, Gallatin, Henry, Trimble
Jody Richards - Warren
Dean Schamore - Breckinridge, Hancock, Hardin
John Sims Jr - Bracken, Fleming, Mason, Robertson
Kevin Sinnette - Boyd
Wilson Stone - Allen, Simpson, Warren
Gerald Watkins - McCracken

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