MARCH 1, 2018    VOL V, NO 5
"We had better step up;
America is in trouble." - Gov. Bevin
Thank you to all who came to the 2018 Rally for Life!

Our pro-life Governor, Lt. Governor, many Legislators - all Republican - and fellow pro-life movement leaders spoke to us. It's a great feeling to be inside our State Capitol with people who care about and actively support the Right to Life!

Governor Bevin rallied us to "Stand up and be bold... unapologetically stand for what is right and DO what is right... My prayer is for you to have courage to do the right thing." He spoke about the many challenges to America and her youth.

Each speaker increased our courage to speak for the unborn and stay firm in our commitment to fight for what we believe.
Who Rallied?
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Matthew LaFramboise, Jr. at Immaculata Classical Academy, and Jacob Bifone, freshman at Holy Angels Academy.
Sen. Lynn Belcher, District 24, with Margie Montgomery, KRLA executive director.
The Clements, mom and dad Amelia and Kevin, with grandfather and children, from Nelson Co.
Representative Joe Fischer, District 68, spoke about the Dismemberment Bill.
Mark your calendar for April 20 and join the Right to Life of Louisville
for the Annual Celebrate Life Banquet !
Come at 6 PM to bid on Gift Baskets, and enjoy visiting with
fellow Right to Lifers. The Banquet starts at 7 PM.
Ann McElhinney, journalist, filmmaker, and author, is our speaker .
Her latest project is a true-crime drama film based on the
crimes of Kermit Gosnell, America's Most Prolific Serial Killer!