by Margie Montgomery, Exec. Dir.

As we follow each news story about President Trump’s finalists to replace Anthony Kennedy on SCOTUS, we found this C-J story interesting. Amal Thapar, who lives in Covington, Ky., is now on the short list. He currently sits on the US 6th District Court of Appeals, and was Trump’s first nominee to any federal court.

President Trump is doing all he can to help the nation replace Justice Kennedy without delay. His nominee will be announced on July 9, and must then be vetted in hearings of the Senate Judiciary Committee. To see the members of this committee, go here .

They will send a nominee to the full Senate, who will either be selected or not. It takes a simple majority (just since last year-- previously took 60 votes) to confirm the new SCOTUS Justice. A simple majority in the US Senate is 51 votes. Sen. McConnell has stated that the Senate vote will be this autumn.

Currently, the Senate has 51 Republicans. Not all of these are pro-life, despite the Party Platform. A recent article in the New York Magazine predicts that the fate of abortion rights in America could be in