JANUARY 1, 2018    VOL V, NO 1
Please join us to March for Life ! The itinerary and information are here . The March for Life is January 19.

Add your signature to the annual RTL full-page C-J statewide edition ad that will appear on Jan. 21. Help us show our strength in numbers! Mail $5 or pay online and we will add your name. This helps us pay for this very large expenditure. The deadline to submit your name is Monday, Jan. 15.
We will commemorate the Roe v. Wade decision with a Rally on the steps of Louisville Metro Hall on Jan. 22 at noon. Please come! The Annual Rally for Life in Frankfort is on March 1 from 11:30 AM-1 PM. Please join us there!
A look back...
Top KRLA Facebook Posts of 2017
At the top of the Top KRLA Facebook Posts of 2017 with 1,800 views was a link to a story about President Trump calling out the mainstream media for failing to cover the March for Life. What a difference a new administration made! Number two was a story about the Socialized Medicine Death Sentence for Charlie Gard. Number 3 with 1.6K views was about President Trump’s support for the Pain Capable legislation. No. 4 was a local story about the Kentucky Legislature passing the Pain Capable bill. No. 5 with 1.4K views was about the slippery slope to euthanasia we now face.

In addition to the posts shown below, some others with more than 1,000 views were about the EMW Clinic case that may yet shut down “Ky’s Last Abortion Clinic”; a story about Planned Parenthood pushing its agenda in the public schools; the overturning of the Ky Ultrasound Law; and the largest crowd ever for the KRLA Frankfort Rally for Life!
Picture yourself in this chamber!
Nineteen seats in the Kentucky State Senate are up for election in 2018. Republicans will be defending 16 seats, while Democrats will only defend three seats. To break up the Republican supermajority, Democrats need to gain five seats. Of the 16 Republican seats, five districts had a competitive margin of victory in the last two elections. ( ref)
Have you considered running for a political office? The deadline to file is Jan 30 to run in the 2018 Elections .
Kentucky became a  Republican trifecta  in 2017 after Republicans took control of the state House in the 2016 elections. The state Senate and the Office of Governor were already controlled by Republicans prior to the 2016 elections. Remember how excited we all were? !

In the Kentucky State Senate, a party needs to control 23 of 38 seats—three-fifths of the chamber—to have supermajority status. Following the 2016 elections, Republicans held 27 seats, four more than were needed for a supermajority. 

If they vote together, 23 legislators can do two things that a simple majority cannot: refer  constitutional amendments to the ballot  and pass tax increases. Only 20 votes in the Senate are required to override a veto. LET'S HOLD THAT LINE!

All  100 House seats  are up for election in 2018. Here are other offices up for voting.
Our best wishes for your beautiful New Year.
  • KRLA is working hard to propose legislation and defend innocent life in our state. 
  • We publish Political Action Alerts to make the public aware of candidates’ pro-life record and views, and work to elect pro-life legislators and judges.
  • We are in Frankfort nearly every Legislative Session Day to ensure that your senators and representatives are knowledgeable about pro-life initiatives.
  • We and our chapters call the faithful to rallies and gatherings in Frankfort and in our communities to raise the profile of pro-life causes.
  • We extend the National Right to Life work through educational conferences, media campaigns, and programs for students and the general public to fight societal attacks on LIFE, from abortion to euthanasia.
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