At the Louisville Annual Meeting Attorney Vince Heuser shared his perspective on the recent legal challenges to pro-life law. He noted that there are three pending cases involving abortion in Louisville:
(1) EMW v. Beshear -- the ACLU convinced Judge David Hale to declare Ky's Ultrasound law unconstitutional. Governor Bevin has appealed.
(2) EMW and Planned Parenthood vs. Glisson -- EWM and PP sued to stop enforcement of Ky's medical regulations that require surgical centers to have an agreement with an ambulance service and a hospital to take patients in case of emergency complications, and
(3) US v. Rusty Thomas - the civil suit under FACE against the 10 people who engaged in a sit-in protest at EMW in May

On the ultrasound bill, the issue was whether the recently added requirements of explanation are medically necessary. The judge thinks not enough to compel the doctor to speak. Vince is not optimistic that the appeal will succeed. We hope to report more on some of the trial testimony in the future.

On the transfer agreements, Vince believes that Judge Greg Stivers will decline to enter an injunction on behalf of EMW, Planned Parenthood and the ACLU. The law requiring Transfer agreements between abortion clinics and hospitals is common