NOVEMBER 15, 2017    VOL IV, NO 22
Thankful for Hard Truth?
  by Margie Montgomery, Executive Director, KRLA
We're happy that so many turned out for the 2017 State Conference. From the distant west Paducah to east Morehead, affiliates and many others came to hear The Hard Truth: Abortion to Euthanasia .

It is hard to accept that our nation no longer enjoys a common value system. Wesley J Smith pointed out that we can no longer work through arguments with our compatriots. Our values and goals are simply too far apart. When the other side argues that suffering is reason enough to justify euthanasia, and we argue that it is an important building block of family and community life, then we are at a standoff. It isn't semantics; it's hearts and minds.

Mr. Smith brought out many facts to encourage us to become more politically active. Currently twenty percent of our nation has access to assisted suicide. He stressed that we must build a culture of love .

Ann McElhinney enforced his insights and surprised some of us with the Hard Truth that Hollywood rejected the Gosnell movie , so more millions must be raised to launch it as an independent film. We were treated to a trailer that evidenced an important film artistically and in content. She asked that each of us go online to donate "a dollar" or whatever you can give, to help complete the work in progress. Please do by visiting the funding website here . " This is your chance to bypass the media ' information gatekeepers' to get tens of millions of Americans thinking about what happened in Philadelphia."

You can enjoy her full speech on our website , starting here . A Photo Album of the Conference is here .

Some of our great Kentucky legislators spoke following the luncheon, and we learned that some pro-life initiatives are under consideration for the new year.

Thank you to each of you who will vote pro-life in the 2018 elections. Please see our conference Photo Album for a view to some of those who will run.

We are thankful for health, pro-lifers and opportunities to establish a culture of life and love.
Author, speaker and film producer Ann McElhinney with Diana Maldonado, President of Kentucky Right to Life.
Representative Joe Fischer, Senator Brandon Smith and Senator Dan Seum spoke and answered questions.
ERRATA: In our last e-news we noted that EMW Clinic performs 2000 abortions each year. This figure should be 3000. That, too, is a hard truth, but we are thankful we still can point out that EMW is Kentucky's last abortion clinic.
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