NOVEMBER 1, 2017    VOL IV, NO 21 
The Audible Gasp
  by Margie Montgomery, Executive Director, KRLA
In the recent bench trial (trial by judge) to determine whether to maintain Transfer Agreements between hospitals and abortion clinics, we learned or were reminded of lots of facts.

It was brought out in testimonies that our UofL hospital trains doctors to perform abortions.

Of course, the hospital would not sign a Transfer Agreement with either EMW or Planned Parenthood, and the trial made clear that the hospital was under no pressure from the State of Kentucky not to sign the agreements.

We learned that the doctor who headed the OB/GYN department at the hospital for many years (but currently is less involved) gave very generously to Planned Parenthood. We also learned “from the horse’s mouth”— that of Dr. Ernest Marshall, EMW owner, that EMW clinic performs about 2,000 abortions each year. We have reported monthly for many years the numbers of women entering the EMW clinic, based on volunteers watching and reporting these numbers, and our numbers are similar to his.

This reminds us of the GOSNELL book, whose author will speak at our upcoming 2017 Conference on Nov. 11. 

It was brought out in court testimony that Dr. Gosnell stated he had performed about 40,000 abortions in his clinic. Though the entire testimony of disgusting facts shocked the jury and gallery, this number caused them to gasp audibly .

We know that EMW was established in 1980, so how many thousands of abortions have been performed there over the decades? EMW has several abortions doctors. Let us GASP.

We encourage you to attend our upcoming Conference, where you will learn critical insights to carry in your heart, helping you to defend human life from its earliest to final stages. Your witness matters. Stay strong and come alongside Right to Life to support our events and activities.
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