May 1, 2017     VOL IV, NO 9 
Kentucky Ultrasound Legislation Stillborn? 
  1. After more than a decade, Kentuckians voted to FLIP our Democratic House to Republican, and our 2017 Legislature passed several PRO-LIFE bills.
  2. One requires that abortion clinics provide the patient with opportunity to see the ultrasound of her unborn baby and to hear the heartbeat. 
  3. Ultrasounds are normally done in these clinics, but the doctor does not show it to the mother.
  4. The Ultrasound bill does not FORCE the mother to see the ultrasound, but only to be offered the chance to see it. The mother can also request not to hear the heartbeat. 
  5. Our pro-life laws will always be opposed and often defeated AFTER THEY PASS OUR HOUSE AND SENATE!!! In a recent KRLA e-letter, we explained how the ACLU and EMW clinic have sued to overturn Kentucky’s Ultrasound law. We are waiting for Judge David Hale to rule on this.

Here’s how you and we can CREATE A GROUNDSWELL to work to RETAIN OUR NEW ULTRASOUND LAW:

1. Share this letter with others. People need to understand that their pro-life votes last November HELPED babies, but the pro-choice people are fighting hard to discount us. In effect, they are saying to us, “Your votes DO NOT COUNT. Your legislators DO NOT COUNT. Your bills and laws DO NOT COUNT. We can overrule them with ACTIVIST JUDGES!”

2. Use the KRLA hashtags— #ISupportKyUltrasoundLaw and #KyUltrasoundLawUnderFire.

You can FIND A WEBPAGE example to share on social media that proves Ultrasounds save lives. When you post the page address (url) or your special message, use our hashtags! Think of other ways, too! Our special page furnishes information that clearly shows—

  1. Seeing an ultrasound does help to save lives
  2. Many states have passed such legislation
  3. Such legislation is always challenged by the ACLU and the abortionist or clinic.

Although our special page does not provide complete information about which states now have Ultrasound law and which states’ Ultrasound law was overturned in court, it does show a sampling of legislative victories and challenges along with stories about lives saved by ultrasounds.

The KRLA website Video of the Month shows an interview on MSNBC with a pro-life worker espousing the importance of the Ultrasound law in South Carolina and her opponent who seeks to overturn it. The conversation can be viewed as typical of all states as they are challenged in court after passing pro-life legislation.

At this writing, we do not know whether Judge David Hale will overturn our Ultrasound law or not. Perhaps he will rule in favor of it. He is an Obama appointee.

Will it help if we show our support for it? Maybe. Maybe not. We do KNOW, however, that continuous enthusiasm and effort MAKE A DIFFERENCE over the LONG HAUL. 

Celebrate Life Banquet delightful
The Celebrate Life Banquet inspired us to activism and gave us a chance to enjoy recent victories. Senator Mitch McConnell regaled us with insider stories on Judges Scalia and Gorsuch, and keynote speaker Gary Bauer encouraged us to view the work we do as world changing. We departed with fresh energy to do even more!

Enjoy the online slideshow of the event.
Archbishop Kurtz enjoyed Sen. McConnell's stories

Educational Foundation Oratory Contest Winners
Congratulations to Julia Shipp (left), first-place winner, and Mariah Sedlak, second-place, who also came in first in the Senior division of the 2017 Essay Contest.

Julia and Mariah both attend the TOG Homeschool of Elizabethtown, Ky.

Our thanks to Mary Ann Schubert, board member, who has organized the Oratory Contest for many years.

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