MARCH 17, 2017     VOL IV, NO 6
Legislative Triumphs
Are pro-life Kentuckians smiling more than usual? I know I am – and so are those who visit our office to pick up shiny gold or silver baby fee pins to wear on their lapels or choose a new bumper sticker for their car!

What’s the cause of our joy? Three great pro-life bills passing the Kentucky General Assembly, HB2, SB5 and SB8. We rejoiced as our pro-life Governor Bevin signed them into law, and we thank God for these blessings after several years of frustration and disappointed lobbying efforts.

My colleagues and I enjoy meeting new legislators and listening to their heart felt comments as they plead for passage of these bills in committee and then, if successful, on the floor of both House and Senate. That’s when we’re fortunate. Most of the time in recent years, they never reached the floor because the powerful Democratic leadership made certain the votes would not happen! Why? Don’t tiny precious babies’ lives matter?

Of course, they do – tremendously! And so do their mothers, who deserve all the information they need in order to make proper decisions regarding whether their babies should live or die.

Through the years, Right to Life has provided testimony from experts in the medical field regarding the development of the preborn baby, along with the heartbreaking stories of women who regret their abortions. We also presented lists of crisis pregnancy centers at these hearings.

There is so much more that needs to be done to save these lives. We are calling upon you, your family and friends to join our life-saving efforts. Everyone has a talent to share in this apostolate. A call to our state office (502-895-9595) or to one of our affiliates will show you the way!

May God continue to bless our efforts.

Sincerely, with love, Margie

Please join us to Celebrate Life on April 28 in Louisville at the Annual Banquet sponsored by Right to Life of Louisville. Our keynote speaker is a veteran of many pro-life and pro-family movements over years of dedicated service.

The National Right to Life Convention is the essential pro-life educational and training event of the year. During this three-day event, national experts on life issues gather in one place to equip the pro-life grassroots with the knowledge and skills they need to advance our cause. This year's conference will be in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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