JULY 15, 2017     VOL IV, NO 14 
  by Schu Montgomery, Member, KRLA
  Watch for the late summer early screening...
Ann McElhinney, the force behind the effort to market the already-produced feature film, "Gosnell," says she and her husband Phelim McAleer changed their position on abortion as soon as they started researching the case of the Philadelphia abortionist sentenced to life in prison for running a "House of Horrors" that included the delivery of live babies and killing them through the ruthless snipping of their spinal cords.

McElhinney told a hushed audience at the recent National Right to Life Convention in Milwaukee that the media's attempt to quash any coverage of America's most notorious serial killer at Kermit Gosnell's jury trial in 2013, was much worse than a conspiracy on the part of members of the Fourth Estate (the press).

Now that the largest-ever crowd-funding campaign was so successful, raking in nearly $2.4 million from tens of thousands of small donors to actually produce the movie, McElhinney hopes masses of movie-goers will flock to late summer and early fall pre-screenings set up in some 100 cities to assure the movie's wide circulation when finally released to the public in 2018.

The Irish couple are convinced that once Americans are more starkly confronted with late-term abortion depicted in the film and its related atrocities, including the pulling apart of the fetus, the injection of poison into babies' hearts, and the disposal of babies' feet and other body parts in medicine jars or down clinic sinks, public opinion will sway even more so in the pro-life direction and convince even more journalists, politicians, and judges to rectify the abortion holocaust.

Did you know that so far this year nearly 1900 babies have been killed in abortions in Louisville, Ky.?

The people in the foreground of the photo are nearly all supporters of the EMW clinic.
They are urging the Louisville Metro Council Safety Committee to establish a buffer zone to prevent pro-life witnesses from sidewalk counseling or protesting. We need prolifers at the July 19 meeting! Start time: 3:30 PM
If you can, please attend the July 19 Safety Committee meeting to show support for counselors and those who pray for women entering the clinic.

A faithful group of women observe the EMW clinic each day, and count how many women enter.

From these counts we can estimate that about 1900 preborn babies have been aborted at EMW in 2017, so far.

Each month, a formatted summary of their count is mailed by Louisville's Right to Life office to all pastors and churches in the metro Louisville area.
Our THANKS to these women! 
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