JULY 1, 2017     VOL IV, NO 13 
Kentucky standards for abortion clinics under fire
  by Margie Montgomery, Executive Director, KRLA
  Planned Parenthood joins EMW in lawsuit to fight Kentucky's safety regs for abortion clinics
In only half a month the news has challenged our optimism. I noted we have only one abortuary in our last e-letter. Now, we see potentially two on the horizon. Read this C-J article.

In brief, EMW and Planned Parenthood have joined forces to fight the Kentucky statute requiring a 'transfer agreement' with a hospital "because it imposes medically unnecessary restrictions on abortion facilities with the purpose of shuttering all abortion facilities in the commonwealth." This safety requirement was established in 1998 in the event of a botched abortion. We lobbied for it with your help! 

Louisville's PP moved to a new location in late 2015 where it began offering abortions before the state prevented them since they did not obey Kentucky's safety standards. PP has massive legal resources through its national affiliation, so we view their joining the EMW suit as extremely helpful to EMW. Nevertheless, all our prolife work will help to save lives, if we continue to work. And we have not seen the end of this matter! Please pray.

The below table shows abortion laws by state. Click on the image to see the webpage with the information. The black triangle means that the law prohibiting partial-birth abortion (that we lobbied for with your help) was permanently enjoined; it is no longer in effect. Kentucky passed a "Pain Capable" law this Spring 2017 prohibiting abortion after 20 weeks. Our current administration is doing its best to ensure our laws are enforced.
Click on the image below to read the rest of the story of a young woman who regrets her abortion. Let's keep working hard to defeat abortion in our state!
The Louisville Metro Council Public Safety Committee will hold a second meeting on July 19 (click above link) at 3:30 PM. The issue of whether to establish a buffer zone for the EMW clinic will be discussed and any citizen who wants to speak briefly can do so. Margie Montgomery will speak. Please come to show pro-life support.
A super annual NRLC convention!

Keeping up with national events by attending the NRLC convention this past weekend helped us to keep you informed and helps all of us to put our efforts where they are most needed. We heard an eloquent talk by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker whose strong pro-life stance dates to his Students for Life days.

By far the most incredible stories were presented by David Delaiden and 

Ann McElhinney. Ann ran the biggest crowd-funding campaign ever(!) to produce the motion picture about notorious abortionist Kermit Gosnell, and co-authored the book on which it was based. David continues to be in the news and in the courts fighting Planned Parenthood because of his expose of their sale of baby body parts.

We were very proud of our Oratory contestant, Julia, shown with her mom, Renee Shipp. Check out our Facebook page to see Margie with David and Schu Montgomery with Ben Shapiro, the keynoter.

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