DECEMBER 1, 2017    VOL IV, NO 23
  by Margie Montgomery, Executive Director, KRLA
It’s really a blessing to be affiliated with a national pro-life organization in order to receive first-hand information in regard to legislation passed in the Halls of Congress. At this time I’m referring to the National Right to Life Committee, based in Washington, D.C., and our affiliation with it for over five decades. Today I am highlighting the passage of H.R. 1, the Tax Cuts and Job Act of 2017, which contains a new pro-life provision.

Jennifer Popik, J.D. is the director of its Federal Legislation office and she explains to us that under the provision passed on November 16, parents will be permitted to name unborn children as beneficiaries of the 529 College Saving Plans. In other words parents will be able to start saving for their unborn child’s education before the baby is born.

Popik emphasizes this would be the first time the unborn child has been written into the tax code. For those of us who also lobby on the state level, we believe this will be an important addition for us in persuading our state lawmakers that more and more the preborn baby is being recognized in at least one area of law that unborn children are people.
Federal Legislation Director Popik also mentioned how National Right to Life worked to ensure that the House bill restored the long-existing adoption tax credit and applauded House leadership for its effort. She said that the adoption tax credit has served as an effective way to encourage adoption by easing the often high financial expense that can be incurred by adopting a child.  

In my many talks over the years, I always include the statement that so many difficult problems in many people’s lives today – especially in those cases of a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy – don’t have an apparent solution, but in these cases, adoption is a beautiful alternative, allowing couples who are unable to become pregnant, to start a family by adopting a much desired baby.
If the Senate passes the tax bill and works out any differences in committee, this much desired tax reform bill could become law before or soon after Christmas!
Annual Memorial C-J State Edition Ad
Watch for more information about our annual outreach ad in the Courier-Journal to show broad consensus that Life Starts At Conception! This ad reminds the public that the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973 made abortion legal in all states in all stages of pregnancy. Images such as the one at left (that we used in 2011) encourage respect for preborn babies. We educate about euthanasia in the ad as well. More to come...
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