AUGUST 1, 2017     VOL IV, NO 15 
Encouraging Words
  by Margie Montgomery, Executive Director, KRLA
How delighted I was at our National Right to Life Convention in Milwaukee to hear the following comments from two pro-life commentators many of us see and hear on Fox News almost monthly.

Here are some of the statements they made at the 2016 NRL Convention concerning Building a Pro-Life Future. 
Mercedes Schlapp: “What I loved about the conversations of pro-life, the conversation of protecting the unborn, is that it starts with our families. Starts with our children. With our nephews, our nieces, our grandchildren ... So when I see [these young people] sing, and play the piano, and give a speech, and those interns and Academy students, I feel so much hope that we are building this pro-life future. Because it doesn’t just stop here, it doesn’t just stop in this room, it goes beyond this room. And it is about not only the youth, but every single generation continuing this fight.”

Matthew Schlapp: “So with prayer, and with fellowship with wonderful patriotic Americans like yourselves, I think we need to march out, back into our lives, into our communities; we need to engage everyone we can, and we need to understand how important each one of our voices is.” 

No Buffer Zone!
... "The intimidating aspect, the threatening aspect of this case went away instantly," said defense attorney Vince Heuser. "The United States has withdrawn its motion for a preliminary injunction. There will be no long term bubble zone at EMW." Read more
             -Vince Heuser, Attorney
Big changes on the horizon?

Looking toward the very near future, there are many issues to be decided: Will EMW remain open? Will Planned Parenthood be permitted to provide abortions in Louisville? Will Kentucky’s Ultrasound Law be overturned? These controversies are explained in articles linked from the Welcome page of our website. You will also find the latest David Delaiden video there, published just last week.

We have our ear to the ground, and we are actively engaged in pro-life work. Thank you for your support.


In case you missed our Alert following the Louisville Metro Council Safety Committee meeting on July 19, we greatly appreciated everyone who was able to come and show support for sidewalk counselors. At this writing, their Aug. 2 meeting agenda does not include more discussion on the buffer zone.
A faithful group of women observe the EMW clinic each day, and count how many women enter. They even were able to do so during the OSA protests.

From these counts we can estimate that about 2,100 preborn babies have been aborted at EMW in 2017 so far, with 230 the count for July.

Each month, a formatted summary of their count is mailed by Louisville's Right to Life office to all pastors and churches in the metro Louisville area.
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