April 15, 2017     VOL IV, NO 8
  And the Winners Are...
Level I - Seniors - Shown l to r, top row
  1. First place - Mariah Sedlak - FAITH Homeschool Group - Elizabethtown
  2. Second place - Katrina Ingalls - TOG Homeschool - Rineyville
  3. Third place - Lydia Murphy - Homeschool - Frankfort

Level II - Juniors - Shown l to r, bottom ro

  1. First place - Emily Kenney - Holy Angels  Academy - Louisville
  2. Second place - Emma Ingalls -TOG Homeschool - Rineyville
  3. Third place - Natalie Warren - The Frankfort Christian Academy - Frankfort
Right to Life Educational Foundation of Kentucky Essay Contest Results

A high point for the Right to Life year arrives when we receive the student contest essays to read and enjoy.

This year 45 Kentucky high school students entered to win a first, second or third place prize, and in some cases as part of a school assignment. The topics to address were: 1) abortion, 2) assisted suicide/euthanasia, 3) destructive embryonic cell research, 4) the intrinsic value of human life.

Judges must consider how the essays score in four categories: content, quality of arguments, grammar and spelling, and creativity.

Selecting winners is a mind-bending, painstaking dilemma for all judges. It is an honor to read these essays, and how we wish that each student could receive a special mention or prize.

We applaud all the contestants, and hope our readers will take the time to read the winning essays. They are linked to the names of the student winners. 
Whetting Your Appetite for a Banquet... Speaker!
Louisville Right to Life invites you to Celebrate Life on April 28 at the annual banquet for pro-life Kentucky.

Help us welcome home Gary Bauer, a native Kentuckian with an international reach. His MESSAGE will inspire you about American VALUES! 

Gary says, “The battle today is to control how people think.” After reading 27 newspapers from around the world every morning, he distills the outlook and shares it online, striving to separate TRUTH from PROPAGANDA. 
“This guy is brilliant!” Learn more about Gary's missions on April 28.

His talks at the 2016 Values Voter Summit are exciting: Watch here. Hear his warning on “What the world looks like without America.”

Radiance RAD Videos
Watch the Radiance Foundation videos and get excited to hear Ryan Bombarder at the 2017 NRLC Convention. Other fantastic personalities you will meet and hear: Ben Shapiro, news pundit and author, Ann McElhinney, co-author of NYT Bestseller Gosnell – The Untold Story of America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer, and many other notables!

THIS Attorney General Rocks!
Arkansas has an Attorney General who supports other states' pro-life legal challenges. Would our AG do that? (NO!)  California's AG  is prosecuting David Delaiden who exposed the sale of baby parts in our nation's marketplace.  Elections MATTER!
Kentucky's one abortion clinic remains open in spite of a licensure challenge from Gov. Bevin. Our ultrasound law will go into effect June 29, 2017 unless prevented by the law suit of the EMW clinic and ACLU. Stay tuned!
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