April 1, 2017     VOL IV, NO 7
Sweet Savor or Bitter Aftertaste?
The Kentucky General Assembly’s 2017 Session ended March 31.

Spring 2017 will go down in history for pro-lifers as the culminating —we could even say— tipping point for legal abortion in Kentucky.

The LEGISLATIVE TRIUMPHS of the 2017 Session—included bills to:

1) DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD (reassigning current funds to community health centers); 

2) REQUIRE that a woman seeking an abortion be required to see AN ULTRASOUND of her fetus and hear his/her heart beat; and 

3) BAN ABORTION AT 20 WEEKS, the “Pain Capable” time for a fetus (though many doctors state that time is much earlier). 

Also, earlier in 2016, Gov. Bevin signed into law SB4 the INFORMED CONSENT Act that requires an in-person or real-time video conference between a woman and her healthcare provider 24 hours in advance of an abortion.

In January 2016, the Lexington EMW abortion clinic was closed by the Bevin administration, just following an order in late 2015 to Louisville’s Planned Parenthood to cease providing abortions due to licensure breaches.

AND VERY RECENTLY!!! Bevin ordered the EMW Women’s Surgical Center in Louisville to stop providing abortions starting Monday, April 3, because it lacks proper agreements for patient care in the event of a medical emergency.

Experiencing all these triumphs after YEARS of pro-life bills never reaching the House floor for a vote has been shocking, in a good sense.

Not to be overawed--- it took little time for these advances to be challenged by the ACLU and others. 

Reversals coming?

Hearings were held on March 23 at the U.S. Courthouse in Louisville to determine whether the ULTRASOUND BILL will remain or be quickly cast aside by the appeal of EMW and their ally, the ACLU.

The first witness for the prosecution was an African American abortion doctor who practices at EMW. She stated that requiring an ultrasound further upsets the patients who are already under great stress and harms her relationship with them. When asked why she could not testify about her objection to the requirement during the legislative session, she said (for one thing) she did not have the time.

When asked if she felt the State of Kentucky had the right to protect the health of preborn babies, given that our state defines the beginning of human life at the time of fertilization, and realizing they are future citizens, Dr. Franklin said her medical books did not corroborate this legal definition, and that the fetus is dependent (which presumably changes its rights).

The case was heard by Judge David Hale, who seemed early on to anticipate a fairly brief hearing and quick resolution, but after six hours of testimony, and upon receiving many supporting documents to take back to the office, it became evident the case was not so simple. We still await his verdict.

Likewise, immediately after Gov. Bevin’s announcement about the Louisville EMW clinic closing, the ACLU quickly countered with a lawsuit to block this rule of law.

This “good news/bad news” pattern engenders a bitter aftertaste following the rich savor of success.

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