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The November 8 election is only three weeks out. Early voting starts November third! The Yes for Life ads now on TV have been in production mode for many months. The campaign to coordinate the Yes for Life partners and get the word out through rallies, a website, the State Fair, meetings, yard signs, and in many other ways, began in August of 2021. See the progress in these blog posts. Watch for the ads!

Elections matter

The POTUS has plans to sign a bill for legal abortion up to birth, should the Democrats retain power following the midterm elections.


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Donna betherl

Your ad is very deceitful and a lie. You only address late term abortions as if that is the only thing pro choice is about. Because of your deceitful ways I would never support your cause. Your are just like Trump in the fact that you are untruthful

Donna betherl

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