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From the office of Addia Wuchner, RN, Executive Director, Kentucky Right to Life & the Right to Life Educational Foundation of Kentucky | 11-9-22

After the long campaign, our team is filled with gratitude for everyone who joined our cause. From the legislators who gave us this opportunity, to our grassroots advocates who prayed and worked, to every voter who showed up in every county to vote Yes for Life, thank you.


The overturning of Roe and the General Election have shown us how much work remains to be done to protect the right to life in Kentucky and across the country. We remain faithful and committed to do that work.

Kentucky Right to Life, our chapters and our pro-life advocates across the Commonwealth will continue giving voice to the voiceless and standing up for the sanctity of life for all of God’s children. Thank you to everyone who voted Yes on 2 and supported this important cause.

Abortion advocates regularly claim that abortion promotes women’s social and economic well-being. Kentucky women deserve better than a flawed medical model of practices in women’s healthcare that embraces the destruction of a human life, the life of their child.

Today, we are disappointed, yet our hearts are not defeated. Tomorrow will find us motivated. This work is too important to slow down, and we look forward to the next phase of pro-life advocacy in Kentucky, changing hearts and saving lives.

We will continue to be a bold unwavering voice for the voiceless.



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