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SB 50 to require reporting of Abortion Pills prescribed and for the Dr. to inform the patient that the Abortion Pill can be REVERSED— was scheduled for passage in the House on Feb. 25, but … new amendments were introduced by Rep. Mary Lou Marzian. After all, it's just a joke, isn't it?

House Floor Amendment 2 - Establish a new section of KRS Chapter 213 to require a report of when a prescription is issued for any medication used to treat erectile dysfunction and any reported side effects to the Vital Statistics Branch within 15 days after the end of the month in which the prescription was issued.

House Floor Amendment 3 - Establish language to specify that all members of the General Assembly shall be responsible to pay specified court costs and fees related to certain abortion litigation.

House Floor Amendment 4 - Amend the title to read as follows: "AN ACT relating to reproductive medical information."

Rep. Marzian also slowed the passage of HB 5 with an amendment:

An unborn child residing in the Commonwealth shall have all constitutional rights and responsibilities as a citizen in the Commonwealth including but not limited to the right to public education, to pay taxes, to receive social security, to free speech, to inherit, to a trial by jury, and to peaceful assembly.



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