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MEDIA STATEMENT provided by Addia Wuchner, RN, Executive Director, KRTL | 8-18-22

Pro-lifers are ecstatic about the Kentucky Supreme Court decision today that concurs with the state Court of Appeals ruling— to keep the abortion clinics closed as the challenge to our Trigger and Heartbeat Laws is litigated.

This means that babies and mothers are safe from abortions in Kentucky for now. The Court has stated it will not take up the issues raised in the case until November 15, 2022, a week after the November 8 General Election.

We are fully engaged in the Yes-For-Life campaign to ensure passage of Ballot Amendment #2. Voting YES will stop the radical abortion agenda in our state, and it will prevent taxpayer funding of abortion. The amendment ensures that our duly elected legislators make the laws of our state, as our Constitution requires.

Thank you Attorney General Daniel Cameron for your strong leadership in standing up for the right to life. General Cameron stated in a media release today,

“In Dobbs, the United States Supreme Court returned the issue of abortion to the elected representatives of the people of each state. So that the promises of Dobbs may be realized, and to avoid being embroiled in another 50 years of political acrimony, courts around the country, and here at home, must allow our policy makers in the General Assembly to speak for the people they represent. We are pleased with this victory for life and the rule of law and will continue to prepare for the arguments the Court has scheduled.”


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