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new location for KRTL134 Breckenridge Lane has been the home of Kentucky Right to Life, Right to Life Educational Foundation of Kentucky, and Right to Life of Louisville for over 40 years. Our history is the ground in which we can see where God has worked with KRTL and speaks to our presence in the community.

The time has come for a change and while change is always difficult and often bittersweet, we honor our past as we move forward to our future. We live with inspiring memories, the creativity of the Spirit, and what God is doing now in this time. ProLife Kentucky Right to Life founder, Margie Montgomery, had a vision of a future where every life is valued, loved, and respected. One generation builds its work upon the foundations of the other, and our faithfulness continues with our ProLife work.

“As we move forward, we are grateful for Margie, her dedication, and her leadership.” - Addia K. Wuchner, Executive Director

Once we get settled, we hope you will join us for an Open House and the Blessing of our new office home. The dates for these two events will be announced.

Volunteers are always needed to help at the office, and many hands make light work of the various tasks here in our new home. Please call 502-895-5959 if you want to help.


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