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A Jan. 11 press conference hosted by KRLA and pro-life advocacy groups celebrated the amazing pro-life work accomplished in Week 1 of the regular session! Watch the press conference here. See and hear Attorney General Daniel Cameron, Senator Whitney Westerfield (shown), Representatives Joe Fischer and Nancy Tate and others.

Kentucky General Assembly passes two top priority pro-life bills; these now await the Governor’s signature

Frankfort KY - Protecting Kentucky children and women is paramount. The Kentucky Right to Life Association sincerely appreciates Representative Joe Fischer, Senator Whitney Westerfield, and Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron in their unwavering commitment to ensure healthcare safety and protections for all Kentucky children and women.

We applaud the Kentucky House and Senate Majority Leadership and their Pro-life Caucus Members on an expedient and historic 2021 Session of the Kentucky General Assembly “Week 1”! Two of KRLA’s priority bills have passed both chambers, were signed by Speaker of the House David Osborne and President of the Senate Robert Stivers, and were delivered to the Governor for his signature or not….

HB 2 adds additional health and safety assurances and protection for women seeking to terminate their pregnancy by allowing the Attorney General oversight and to act unencumbered to investigate abortion facilities and take action if violations of the law have occurred.

KRLA is unwaveringly pro-child and pro-woman. We work to ensure that Kentucky women facing the uncertainties of an unplanned pregnancy have the opportunity to be fully informed before giving consent to terminate the life of their child and that the abortion facilities adhere to the highest safety standards of care.

SB 9 supports the “human rights” of any child born alive during an abortion procedure to receive appropriate and ethically responsible medical attention. Additionally, SB9 legally formalizes that any born-alive infant shall be treated as a legal person in Kentucky statutes.

KRLA, our Affiliates and our friends of Life from around the Commonwealth are pleased to support both House Bill 2 and Senate Bill 9.

We are sincerely grateful both of these important pieces of legislation were included in the 2021 “WEEK 1” House and Senate priorities.

We congratulate Rep. Nancy Tate on her new position as co-chair of the Pro-life Caucus, with Sen. Robby Mills. Nancy is a member of the KRLA board of directrors.

Please watch for further updates about our 2021 KRLA Legislative Agenda. Watch the press conference here. On that page you will also find continually updated news on Ky and US pro-life 2021 legislative initiatives.


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