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Updated March 9, 2021


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Time is running out. It is the CRITICAL LAST WEEK to pass legislation before Conference Committee Days, Concurrence Days and Veto Days…

Urgent Senate Calls Needed

HB 91, Kentucky’s ProLife Constitutional Amendment— YES, FOR LIFE!, passed the House and is now in the Senate. Please call Ky Senate Leadership today…

SB 83, to prohibit discrimination against medical care providers who decline to perform procedures that violate their conscience. Call your legislator or Senate Leadership.

Urgent House Calls Needed

HB 460, the Omnibus Bill, Combines Many ProLife Bills into One for Ease of Passage. We urge you to call today to voice your support of HB 460. YOUR CALLS HELPED TO GARNER 40+ CO-SPONSORS! (Read more.)

Please CALL FRANKFORT, 1.800.372.7181, or 502.564.8100, and ask for your State Representative and Senator. Ask your senator to advance HB 91 and SB 83 and your representative to advance HB 460 and HB 155. Read more.


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