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Numerous candidates are running for POTUS. In all, there are four write-in candidates, one Libertarian, two Independents, one Democrat and one Republican.

We are hearing from friends about pro-lifers who say they cannot decide which candidate is best. Example from Joel Belz, founder, World Magazine (about), who has penned:

So it didn’t take long, after the Democrats chose Joe Biden as their presidential candidate for the current cycle, for some of us to conclude that it was impossible for us to support him. The reasons reach now from his comprehensive commitment to the pro-abortion movement to his selection of demonstrably leftist Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate.

The debate among us concerning a vote to renew Donald Trump’s lease on the White House was more problematic. We were grateful for his appointment of hundreds of right-thinking personnel (especially to the judiciary and bloated regulatory bureaucracy). Our applause meter leaped as he nudged other nations’ governments to take up their share of leading the world. He seems bold in supporting educational choice. But we were stressed— again and again— at the president’s utter carelessness with facts, his rudeness and crudeness, and his mocking disdain for his opponents and sometimes even for his friends.

Bottom line: No way could I withhold my vote from Biden and then— with virtually the same set of standards— give a pass to President Trump.

Will I turn in a blank ballot? No way. Will I write in someone like Nikki Haley or Kay James? Maybe. I’ve still got a few days to resolve such important issues. (Read more.)

Mr. Belz, please consider: A personality trait (that many see as being incisive not crude, or simply crying out for media fairness) is not on a par with destroying innocent human life.

One hears on radio and TV that churches or their priests or pastors are not permitted to endorse a political candidate because it is counter to their non-profit status. Some churches are corporations, but most are not.

As well, when President Trump took office, he signed an executive order to state that churches and other religious groups could engage in politics without endangering their tax-exempt status. (Read more.)

Both Catholic and Protestant church leaders have endorsed President Trump based on his pro-life record.

On Oct. 19, LifeSiteNews reported that the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter pointed out that any Catholic who supports abortion Democratic candidate Joe Biden ‘would be in proximate cooperation with evil.’ Search LifeSiteNews for other statements from other church leaders. Also, on Oct. 19, a priest, Rev. Eduardo Ortiz Santiago, called for Christians to vote for President Trump.

Pastor John MacArthur of ‘mega-church’ Grace Community in Los Angeles has stated, “A real Christian cannot vote Democratic because you are voting to continue the slaughter of babies… believers will vote for Trump.” James Dobson will vote for Trump. Southern Seminary’s Albert Mohler will vote for Trump.

There are also Jewish organizations and rabbis who promote a pro-life ethic. Please see the Carousel for Life on this website for examples of religious organizations for Life.

The Right to Life is nondenominational and bases its pro-life work on the founding documents of the U.S. We welcome members from all religious backgrounds if they uphold the Right to Life.

We urge all Americans to vote for President Trump, whose record in office shows Respect for Life. In fact, President Trump is the most pro-life president in our history! For a list of President Trump’s pro-life accomplishments, see here.

We wonder why the social media is censoring President Trump’s tweets etc. but not Biden’s posts.

It is obvious this nation is on a precipice. It will make real and sad differences in our everyday lives if a Biden-Harris ticket wins. Please don’t split the vote! We would still have our pro-life governor had it not been for so many who voted for the Libertarian candidate.


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