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Learn about Kentucky’s Dismemberment Law.

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The Kentucky Legislature has a new caucus: the Commonwealth Caucus (CC). An article in the Northern Kentucky Tribune notes:

A group of junior members of Kentucky’s House of Representatives, representing House districts from across the state, announced the formation of the bi-partisan Commonwealth Caucus. (emphasis added)

Fed up with a broken political process that puts millionaires, billionaires and giant corporations ahead of everyone else, caucus members are committed to prioritizing the needs of everyday Kentuckians, their families, and local communities.

Read more.

So far the only other Kentucky media that show up in a Google search for this caucus is Forward Kentucky, a socialist-leaning news and political organization located in Louisville.

Will this new group help the pro-life cause in our state? Are their statements (above quoted) true?

1. Is it really bi-partisan? The CC members are all Democrats. Why, then, is it stated to be bi-partisan? Because they feel they will help all Kentuckians, no matter their party affiliation.

2. Are all Caucus democrats “junior members” of the House of Representatives? You can look at their pictures by clicking the links below and decide if you think they are the youngest ones. Some were elected in 2018 and began to serve in 2019, and some were elected in previous years. Also noted are the margins by which they won their race in 2018— If this won’t encourage Republicans to get out and vote, what will?

  • Cherlynn Stevenson (HD-88-Fayette-part), democrat - won by 48 votes
  • Charles Booker (HD-43-Jefferson-part), democrat - won by large margin
  • Chris Harris (HD-93-Martin, Pike-part), democrat - won by 2567
  • Angie Hatton (HD-94-Letcher, Pike-part), democrat - uncontested
  • Kathy Hinkle (HD-96-Carter, Lawrence), democrat - won by 5 votes
  • Maria Sorolis (HD-48-Jefferson-part), Oldham-part), democrat - won by 326 votes
  • Rob Wiederstein (HD-11-Daviess-part), Henderson-part), democrat - won by 1124 votes

Note: Cherlynn’s District 88 was created following the last U.S. Census under the guidance of House Speaker Greg Stumbo who currently is running for AG.

3. Does Kentucky have a ‘broken political process’ that favors ‘millionaires, billionaires and giant corporations’? It was proven that Kentucky had a flawed political process that favored Democrats. Read more here, here and here. The suit brought against Kentucky by Judicial Watch has been addressed in some measure.

4. Who are Kentucky’s billionaires, etc.? There are numerous millionaires, among them John Yarmuth. The Yarmuth family business, Almost Family, is a ‘giant corporation’ providing senior healthcare services. Many major Kentucky corporations are healthcare providers whose revenues gain from tax-funded sources such as Medicaid. As such, it could be said that those who favor more taxpayer funding for healthcare are the ones helping the giant corporations that are benefiting from the political process. This would include the CC which wants to ensure that every Kentuckian “has real access to affordable, quality healthcare” and wants “investments in public health”. Read CC’s platform values on ForwardKy.com.

The Bevin Administration has shown leadership by encouraging review of the state’s Medicaid budget and program. There is no such thing as “free” healthcare.

Given that CC’s members are all democrats who want to “improve access to voting” (see platform) it is unlikely this new caucus will benefit Kentucky’s pro-life movement.

Improving access to a voting process seems to suggest breaching common sense standards. It may mean finagling the polls and precincts to get more votes for democrats.

The pro-life cause depends on honest, upright elections. Most Kentuckians are pro-life. Be vigilant. Please share this article with friends and associates.

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Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andy Beshear received a big bipartisan boost on Monday with the endorsement from a longtime state legislator.

Republican state Sen. Dan Seum, of Fairdale, bucked the GOP to endorse Beshear, the state's attorney general, over incumbent Matt Bevin in the upcoming Kentucky gubernatorial election…

Read more

Lines are being drawn. If we are pro-life, we must vote that way. There are fewer than 100 days to the General Election. Our pro-life progress of the past several years depends on re-electing Governor Bevin. Be proud of this staunch defender of innocent human life. Your vote counts!

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An article in the NRLC online news last Thursday (7/18/19) stated that Indiana’s Attorney General will take a different route to salvage their state law banning Dismemberment Abortion.

Three days before the law would have taken effect, Indiana Southern District Sr. Judge Sarah Evans Barker issued an injunction against it on legal order of the ACLU. The ACLU is representing a doctor who performs D&E abortions at two hospitals in Indianapolis.

In a strategic decision, Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill announced Wednesday that rather than appeal a federal judge’s order blocking the state’s ban on dismemberment abortion from going into effect, his office will proceed to summary judgment.

Indiana’s AG is contending that there are no issues of material facts, and applicable law requires that the legislation be upheld. He is asking, Why can’t this law be upheld? What is illegal about it? He wants the injunction removed.

We’re watching to see what happens next!

In the course of Indiana’s committee hearings about the law a Ft. Wayne physician testified that he never heard of a legitimate medical reason to do the procedure (D&E). He said that Hoosiers would be outraged if something similar was done on animals.

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Schu Montgomery, Opinion contributor | Published 4:29 p.m. ET July 5, 2019 | Updated 4:36 p.m. ET July 5, 2019

Even amid the languid dog days of summer, killing unborn children doesn’t subside. Here in Kentucky, dismemberment abortions, otherwise known as D&E occur more than 500 times each year.

Attempts by pro-abortionists to destigmatize dilation and evacuation and other barbaric methods of abortion are utterly shameful in a sound and civilized society. Kentucky lawmakers passed a ban on D&E, but a federal judge blocked the effort.

The once Democrat mantra of keeping abortion “safe, legal, and rare,” has been replaced with a radical insistence that abortion be permitted up to birth (even at taxpayers’ expense), while simultaneously refusing to mandate that infant survivors of botched abortions be afforded medical care to save their young lives.

Still, these massive killings are draped in euphemisms like “choice,” “right” or “reproductive freedom” (every bit a misnomer). The American public, however, isn’t buying such subterfuge. The latest Gallup poll (May 2019) has 60% of Americans wanting all (21%) or almost all (39%) abortions made illegal.

Read more on the C-J online or on the KRLA website.

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The Supreme Court declined to hear an Alabama Dismemberment Abortion case on Friday, June 28. This case had been strengthened by an Amicus brief presented on behalf of 21 states through our Governor Bevin.

The Kentucky Legislature passed a law in 2018 to ban Dismemberment Abortion which was challenged in court by the EMW/ACLU, and they won. Background on this case is here.

Gov. Bevin has appealed to the Sixth Circuit to reverse the decision to strike the law, and has vowed to appeal to SCOTUS should the current appeal be denied.

In regard to the Alabama case, Justice Clarence Thomas commented that “…justices should not keep refusing to hear abortion cases…”

The below NRLC graphic shows that two states, Mississippi and West Virginia, currently support Dismemberment Abortion bans. This demonstrates that legislatures and judges do rule favorably on this issue, but not in all states where legislation is passed.


In Kentucky we have a pro-life legislature but are frequently disappointed by the court system.

Let’s pray for a favorable outcome on the current Appeal, which we may very well see, based on the successful Ultrasound Law Appeal and the refusal of the Sixth Circuit to re-hear that case. (See previous post.)


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