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In a little more than two weeks, the annual Celebration of Life Banquet will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Louisville. This year, things are ‘a little’ different. First, it is a celebration of the Louisville RTL’s 50th Anniversary! That milestone will be specially celebrated. Also, it is on a Thursday rather than the traditional Friday.

We will enjoy a video presentation about the history of Louisville RTL which was instrumental early on in preventing abortion at hospitals, and started a movement in Kentucky to oppose the Supreme Court misjudgment.

As in previous years, we will have gift trees and a silent auction, and awards for people who have helped to make great strides in the fight to promote a culture of Life. This year, new opportunities to support Louisville RTL will be introduced.

Louisville RTL coordinates efforts for KRLA, the KRLA Political Action Committee, and the RTL Educational Foundation.

A very special keynoter, Mike Fichter, will bring insider information on Planned Parenthood’s strategy to convert Kentucky into a pro-abortion state through numerous tactics that are now underway.

Mike is CEO of Indiana RTL, Host of LoveX2 podcast on Apple Podcasts (Facebook too), and author of many pro-life books, and an in-demand, dynamic speaker.

For COVID-19 purposes, the Crowne Plaza banquet facilities are viewed as restaurants. These rules apply, and are designed to keep all of us safe. We are limited to 425 guests and would like to achieve that number— and we have about 100 to go. So, join us! Be one of the hundred! RSVP now! The deadline to register is July 6.


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