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An Amicus Curiea of 16 states was filed last month in support of Kentucky’s appeal to overturn the ruling on Transfer Agreements (TA). The TA ruling was made by Judge Greg Stivers in 2018 and then appealed to the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals by Governor Bevin’s administration.

The purpose of the TA is to assure that women who incur life-threatening injury in the course of having an abortion will be transported swiftly to a hospital. See the law here that was passed in 1998. See here for background on the legal suit.

Planned Parenthood recently filed a motion stating that Kentucky is in contempt of court “for what it calls the deliberate obstruction of its effort to get a state license for an a second clinic in Louisville.” (ref) PP does not believe Kentucky has grounds to refuse to license a second clinic in Louisville since the TA case was decided in October 2018. However, the case is still under appeal, and the Amicus Curiea will be good support for it.

As well, if the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act should pass, whether on the national or state level, this would require TAs in all abortion clinics. The House in D.C. has not permitted the bill to be voted on, and we will find out some time today if Kentucky's SB 227 will become law. SB 227 is called the Born Alive Infant Protection Act. Today is the last day of the 2019 Ky. Legislative Session.


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