Eugenics & Fetal Experimentation


Did you know there is a test for low intelligence, so a baby could be aborted based on that finding?

...Genomic Prediction, a company based in New Jersey, says it has developed genetic tests that can assess complex traits, such as the risk of some diseases and low intelligence. The tests haven’t been used yet, but the firm began talks last month with several IVF clinics with a view to providing them to customers... While such a test can’t predict IQ for each embryo, it can, apparently, indicate certain genetic outliers, allowing parents to avoid embryos with a high chance of an IQ 25 points below average.. While the company says it will only offer screening based on intelligence for cases of “mental disability”, co-founder Stephen Hsu claims the technique could be used to identify embryos with a likelihood of having a high IQ. “I think people are going to demand that,” he said. “If we don’t do it, some other company will.” - (ref)

Genetic tests have screened for conditions such as cystic fibrosis or Down’s syndrome for many years. Watch for news and comment on this trend toward Eugenics on the Blog.

Fetal Experimentation

In the summer of 2015 a horrendous series of videos revealed that the parts of aborted babies are sold for research. The Center for Medical Progress posted the undercover videos, and became a target for litigation that continues. The video below was the first to be posted on YouTube. KRLA issued a media release condeming the practice. We continue to lobby for an end to it.

More recently, the International Society for Stem Cell Research has thrown off constraints on the 14-Day Rule. Whereas previously the ISSCR recommended that scientists culture human embryos for no more than 14 days, in May 2021 it relaxed that limit, saying that each experiment would be evaluated 'case by case' though not without careful study.

As well, it has been reported that scientists are creating chimeras who are part human and part monkey. All major pro-life groups support legislation to prohibit such experimentation and creation.

KRLA foresaw issues arising from the use of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) early on. Each year in the Celebration of Life Banquet program there is a reprint of the 1984 IVF Resolution. As well, in 1980 we supported passage of a law to prevent public funds from paying for IVF that destroys a human embryo.