KRLA in the News

KRLA Executive Director Addia Wuchner interview on CBS News

Addia was interviewed on a CBS news special spotlighting the abortion controversy On Sunday, October 10,2021. She spoke up for both woman and child.

Some background on KRLA Executive Director Addia Wuchner

Member of National Task Force

2016 - Republican state Rep. Addia Wuchner of Florence was recently appointed to the Women In Government's National Task Force on Mental Health and Substance Use.

Sponsor of Anti-addiction Bill

2016 - Bill sponsor Addia Wuchner said the bill is aimed at curbing the supply of opioid-based painkillers, which are highly addictive

Sponsor of Informed Consent Bill

2017 - State Rep. Addia Wuchner sponsored the bill and calls it informed consent. “ …Having all that information that a woman could have before making a very difficult and challenging decision,” Wuchner said…

Sponsor of Dismemberment Abortion Bill

2018 - Rep. Addia Wuchner says her bill would ban a brutal procedure. She says it would not take away abortion rights.

2018 - “It is our hope and our expectation, that he will find that no child will go through being dismembered, while alive in the uterus of their mother,” said Rep. Addia Wuchner, the Republican chair of the House Health and Family Services Committee.

2011 - Addia Wuchner Exposes the ACLU