23 Jan 2020

Hardcore Pro-lifers brave freezing temps to rally for life!

About 105 including children made the scene

Did you know that Right to Life of Louisville began in 1970? Even before Roe. v. Wade became law?

Read about our founding and see historic pictures and newspaper clippings on the Rally Announcement.

Wonderful talks were presented by Attorney Bob Heleringer, Councilman Robin Engel, Sisters for Life member Aundria McClain, and Margie Montgomery. Josette Goulet, former Louisville RTL board member, gave the opening prayer, and Pastor Mark Hancher of Hikes Point Christian Church ended the Rally with encouraging words and prayer. Dennis Corley coordinated the special event.

Sincerest thanks to ALL who turned out! We learned from Councilman Engel that the Metro Council may again debate a safety zone around the EMW clinic. He noted this would be an abridgement of our civil rights. Vigilance is the key to pro-life progress, which IS being made!

Margie Montgomery was quoted in the C-J which covered the Rally:

Despite the election of Gov. Andy Beshear, who supports abortion rights, Montgomery said that "the momentum is clearly on our side." She pointed to a House bill with nearly 30 co-sponsors that would amend the Kentucky Constitution to say that it does not "secure or protect a right to abortion or require the funding of abortion."

18 Nov 2019

Executive Director’s Column

Such a loss for babies | Autumn 2019 LifeLetter

by Margie Montgomery

Well, it’s a hard pill to swallow. To lose our pro-life governor is ghastly, unbelievable, and sickening. I know we are grateful for the many pro-life bills Governor Matt Bevin signed into law during his time in office. His commitment towards protecting moms and their preborn babies was articulated frequently and was clearly sincere. To us, so active in Right to Life on a daily basis, the shock of envisioning a pro-abortion governor now at the helm is almost impossible to tolerate. But we are grateful for those on our ballots that prevailed and strongly reflected our firm pro-life beliefs. We are grateful for those who came to the polls expressing their commitment to the sanctity of human life! God bless you and them for showing love for life and willingness to exercise their freedom to vote!

One cannot take Kentuckians for granted! We were so convinced that we live in a strongly pro-life state that we didn’t question Bevin would not be supported for another term. Yes, we read the “morning after” comments, listened to the news accounts from every angle, but never doubted our candidate would falter – and lose so badly. All of our other endorsed candidates seemed to coast to great victories. Were we blind-sided? Do we stay in the office too much and not travel around Malls, go to restaurants, visit with neighbors . . . ?

Let us stay together, dear friends. We shall yet prevail with His love and help. Let’s support those newly elected and start mobilizing for 2020 and beyond!

God bless!

Margie Montgomery on WAVE TV

WAVE TV featured local leaders reactions to Bevin's concession

14 Aug 2019

Editor’s Corner

A Rally Cry from the Summer 2019 LifeLetter

by Margie Montgomery

Dear Friend of Life,

In 2020, which is just five months away, Right to Life of Louisville, the first NRLC affiliate in Kentucky, will memorialize its 50th year in launching the war against abortion. Seems preposterous, doesn’t it, that we have been laboring so many years in our quest to stop the legalized killing of millions of innocent preborn babies?

How clear, however, it is in my mind. As I look around our state of Kentucky and see the thousands and thousands of citizens who have taken up the mantle of defending human lives, I am struck by the love and dedication of this movement to defend the sanctity of all human life — a movement that becomes stronger each day.

We are not unique in the U.S.A. in this venture. Other states besides Kentucky organized in the late 1960s as they learned the horror perpetrated by some legislatures and governors — but we were among the very first states to organize.

There were individuals who spoke out strongly and movingly on the horror of permitting the killing of innocent preborn babies, whose lives previously had been protected by law. We now (2019) have aborted more than 60 million innocent unborn babies. This was well before the U.S. Supreme Court legalized abortion on January 22, 1973. Some states, including Kentucky, were seeing people call for passage of laws that would overturn the prohibition of abortion in their states. Some of them were successful, some were not. But in 1973, seven members of the nine-member U.S. Supreme Court, in a 7-2 ruling, overturned all the protective laws on prohibiting abortion in our entire nation with a ruling that made abortion legal in all of our states for the full nine months of pregnancy — and for any “health” reason imaginable (Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton).

The people were shocked, sickened and determined. We could not allow these barbaric rulings to stand.

Now to the present: It is important to remember that our work must continue even more in the months ahead. With the appointment of Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh by President Donald Trump, and their confirmation by the U.S. Senate, the pro-abortion opposition has expressed its determination not to allow the U.S. Supreme Court to reverse its Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton decisions.

We must strive even harder to educate the vast numbers of the public about the horrors of killing innocent babies in their mothers’ wombs. It’s difficult to believe that thousands of our citizens still do not know the truth.

Please help us recruit more Americans to become actively involved. The future of our nation depends upon each one of us. BECOME INVOLVED NOW! Call our office at (502) 895-5959.

May God bless you always!

gold baby feet

2020 is the 50th Anniversary of Right to Life of Louisville, the Golden Anniversary.

Updated 23 Jan 2020

Pro-life Activism

Pro-life activism takes many forms. Sometimes it is as easy as speaking out to a political candidate known to be pro-choice. When Board Member Schu Montgomery encountered Democratic candidate for governor Adam Edelen on an elevator, he took the opportunity to ask him: Why are you not pro-life? As Edelen exited he said he was not, and Schu said, "Humanity needs you to be pro-life." This was passed along to the goernor's office, and Gov. Bevin thanked Schu. His letter is here.

Schu's activism may also be seen in his Op-ed articles in the C-J. Below is a list of his C-J Opinion articles. Thanks, Schu!

8 Mar 2019

March 8th Celebration of Life Annual Banquet

Special thanks to Dawn Heuglin for chairing the banquet committee, shown first in the slide show. Thank you to all who attended and made it a wonderful celebration!

The guest speaker, Ryan Bomberger, an Emmy® Award-winning creative professional, international public speaker, citizen journalist, factivist, and author, presented a powerful talk enhanced by multimedia displays.

He and his wife, Bethany, began The Radiance Foundation to extensively research and creatively present challenging social issues through ad campaigns, multimedia talks, fearless journalism, and compassionate community outreaches. Ryan is passionate about helping to build a culture that values Life in all of its stages.

The Dr. Albert J. Schweitzer Humanitarian of the Year Award went to Ed Harpring, current pro-life coordinator for the Archdiocese of Louisville for Family Ministries. He works with Respect Life chains and promotes legislative action through the Catholic Conference of Kentucky pertaining to Life issues. He and his wife, Cathy, have been very active in pro-life events and committees in church and community outreach like 40 Days for Life and many others. He has touched and saved many lives as a Sidewalk Counselor at the EMW clinic for over 30 years!

The Schuhmann A. Montgomery, Sr., Award for Volunteer of the Year went to Tony and Sue Medly of Springfield, Ky. They are active members of St. Rose Parish and have led the Parish Respect Life Committee for 10 years. They spearheaded the planning and construction of the "Rachel weeping for her children" statue that is near their church and have led many efforts to keep the Life issue front and center in their area. Each year they reserve one or two tables at the Celebration of Life banquet and attend other RTL events throughout the year. Theirs is a model family.

The Right to Life Educational Foundation of Kentucky Award went to Cathie Young. She and her husband Dan have five children and all are members of Ascension and St. Louis Bertrand parishes. Cathie is a member of the Louisville board and chairs the KRLA Essay Contest and Walk for Life, two gigantic missions. She volunteers with Little Way Pregnancy Center, 40 Days for Life and the annual AMTA Regional MockTrial Tournament in Lousiville. She is an attorney with Blackburn, Domene & Burchett.

20 Jan 2019

January 22nd Rally for Life

Thank you to all came out to Rally for Life! Special thanks to our wonderful speakers.

From left, Pastor Kevin Woo opened the event with prayer. He is Administrative pastor of New Life Church. Beverly Johnson, Sisters for Life, described her journey from complete devastation following an abortion to a new life in Christ. Margie Montgomery gave an excellent call to action. Dennis Corley has been our event coordinator for so many years that we cannot recall. Our other speaker was Julia Shipp, the 2017 KRLA Oratory Contest winner. We hope to post her talk on this site soon.

Rally for Life speakers

Rally for Life 2019
17 Mar 2020

Reservations are now closed

The date for the Golden Annual Celebration of Life Banquet has been changed to Thursday, July 16.

A superb speaker, Mike Fichter, CEO of Indiana Right to Life, will keynote the event.

Mike has authored three books including Viability: What The Pro-Life Movement Must Do To Survive and Thrive, Life-Saving Leadership, and All About Life: Just A Few Thoughts Of My Own. He is a member of TruthAtWork CEO Roundtable and the Golden Key National Honor Society, and a recipient of Indiana's Sagamore of the Wabash, the Indiana Baptist Salt and Light Award, and the Right to Life of Southwest Indiana Lifetime Achievement Award. AND Mike is a truly dynamic speaker!

We will enjoy a special video presentation showing milestones of Louisville RTL over the 50 years of our history.

Doors open at 6 PM and dinner is served at 7 PM.

There will be many opportunities to contribute to the cause that evening including silent auction items, a raffle on money and gift card trees, membership renewal, and a financial appeal will be made. Come early to kibbitz with fellow pro-lifers!

Sponsorships and Program ads are still being accepted.

To RSVP for a table of 10, please mail a check to Right to Life, 134 Breckinridge Lane, Louisville, KY 40207. An adult ticket is $50 and a full table is $500. Please bring your friends!


In addition, there will be four $500 cash raffles. Raffle tix are $10 each for the money and gift cards.


Due to the postponement of the Banquet from March 26 to July 16, some have asked if they need to make a new reservation. No! we appreciate your RSVP! You're good to go!

14 Oct 2019

2019 Annual Meeting

The Louisville Annual Meeting features a review of the past year and special presentations by those who serve the pro-life cause locally.

We enjoyed hearing a report about the Political Action Committee work on the PAC Alert for the MidTerms. Dave Bauscher, PAC Chairman, introduced David Harris who heads Michael G. Adams' Secretary of State campaign. Donna Durning shared her experiences being injured as a sidewalk counselor at the EMW clinic and in court.

Mary Ann Schubert continues as board president. She has been an active member of Right to Life for many years and has served as a board member and vice president.

She is married to Bob, a Stained Glass artist and works with him in their business, Stained Glass of Louisville. They have four children and seven grandchildren.

Mary Ann is a member of St. Stephen Martyr Catholic Church.

The new slate of officers and directors is:

Officers for 2020
President: Mary Ann Schubert
Vice-President: Cathie Young
Treasurer: Dave Bauscher
Recording Secretary: Anne Yeiser
Board of Directors
Peggy Boone
Debbie Brown
Dennis Corley
Katie Daly
Lynda DaPonte
Rob Driggers
Janice Gootee
Dawn Heuglin
James McIntyre, Emeritus
Schu Montgomery, Jr.
Ann Ransdell
Jack Ratterman
Lynn Ray
Mike Ryan
John Graham and Debbie Brown

John Graham, RTL Office Manager, shown with Debbie Brown, board member.

Katie and Margie

New board member Katie Daly, a teacher at Sacred Heart, is shown with Margie; Cathie Young is seated.

Thank you, board members who have served many years, like Janice Gootee and Mike Ryan, below, who reported on important events, the Golf Outing and State Fair, respectively.

Katie and Margie
29 Apr 2014

LEGACY ARTICLE: Legislative Session Ends as Democrats Kill Pro-Life Bills

by Mike Janocik

Kentucky Right to Life Association and its affiliated Political Action Committee (PAC) are non-partisan organizations. Our membership roster represents a diverse group of persons and families who are united for one purpose: to restore legal protection to innocent human life threatened by abortion, embryonic stem cell research, and euthanasia.

In our legislative efforts Kentucky Right to Life works hard with both sides of the aisle to represent unborn children and their mothers. Since its founding, in each election cycle the KRLA-PAC has been pleased to endorse both Republicans and Democrats alike.

We understand that the restoration of full legal protection to unborn children will occur when, and only when, both major political parties embrace an ethic of life from conception until natural death.

As the largest state-wide pro-life organization that speaks for those whose voices are denied, we can’t ignore the harsh reality that sustained efforts to persuade the Democratic party away from its philosophy of “choice” have failed miserably.

The 2012 Democratic National Convention taught us that the political party that used to advocate for the little guy has mostly been taken over by radical, pro-abortion leaders. On March 20th, Democratic House leaders, working with Rep. Tom Burch (D) and his stacked pro-abortion H&W Committee, killed every pro-life bill introduced into the legislature. As of this writing, the Obama administration is using the full power of its legal resources to force owners of Hobby Lobby and the Little Sisters of the Poor to fund the killing of innocent human life with abortifacient chemicals and devices.

Some contend the Kentucky Democrat Party is different. Regrettably, on the life issues, that’s not been the case.

For the 8th straight year, each and every incremental, common ground pro-life bill has been killed by the Democratic-controlled House. Little has changed in leadership over the years to offer pro-life Kentuckians any hope. House Democrats continue to elect pro-abortion leadership.

The few praiseworthy exceptions prove the rule: Democrats, for whatever reason, are not reliable defenders of un-born children threatened by abortion.

This legislative session provides an objective case in point: the motion on the ultra-sound informed consent bill SB 8 to suspend the rules in an effort to move it from Rep. Tom Burch’s pro-abortion H&W committee onto the House floor for action, received only 2 Democrat “yea” votes. There are 54 House Democrats. Do the math.

The motion received 43 votes, 8 short of the required 51. Of the 43 “yea” votes 41 were Republicans.

In politics it is important to watch what public servants do, not so much what they say.

Moving into the November elections, politicians will ad-vance excuses why they didn’t vote on SB 8. Some will dismiss the action as a mere procedural vote. Others will claim they were supporting other pro-life bills. But don’t be deceived: the move to suspend the rules for action on SB 8 was an opportunity to take a firm stand for women and their unborn children. Those who were present but abstained from voting “yea” chose to side with House Democratic leadership and abortion providers rather than those threatened by abortion.

At 10:17 a.m. on March 14th, the House roll call con-firmed 93 members were pre-sent while 7 members were absent. Those absent were: Reps. Couch, Denham, Dos-sett, Gooch, Nelson, Riner, and Waide. At approximately 11:15 a.m. Reps. Joe Fischer (R ) and Tim Moore (R ) moved to suspend the rules to pull SB 8 from the recalcitrant H&W committee for action on the House floor. By 11:27 a.m. the vote had been registered (see photo). Two Reps. “changed” their votes: Rep. Kenny Imes (R ) had left the House floor and was almost to his car when he received a cell phone call from a fellow pro-life legislator ask-ing him to return to vote ‘yea’, which he did. Rep. Tommy Thompson (D, dist. 14) who had abstained from voting until after the votes were registered, changed his vote when it would make no difference to the outcome.

Two Kentucky Right to Life legislative agents were present in the House gallery for the vote and know who was on the floor during the vote.

2014 may well be an historic election year in Kentucky. For those who understand that the protection of innocent human lives and their mothers is of paramount importance and requires extraordinary efforts, the record is clear: many who claim to be pro-life are not pro-life when the choice is between unborn children and House leadership. November is coming. Let us all stand with unborn children threatened by abortion and vote accordingly.

Roll Call

Let’s remember the dark days and work hard to retain the Republican majority for pro-life action.

20 Apr 2014

LEGACY ARTICLE: Bravo, Margaret Lyon!

Recently, a friend of Life, Margaret Lyon, wanted to express her opinion about the failure of the Ky. State Health and Welfare Committee in the recent Legislative Session to move our prolife bills to the floor for a vote. She wrote a letter to the editor of the Courier-Journal, but it was also important to her to show photographs of a developing fetus and a baby. "A picture is worth a thousand words."

The C-J Letters to the Editor section does not permit photos, so Margaret made a decision to submit her letter with her photos as an advertisement. Some may not realize what an expense this was! We do, because we are familiar with the C-J's rate card. Our special THANKS and admiration is extended to Margaret for her devotion to Life.

True devotion may be expressed in many ways. It is inspiring to learn of a real-life example. Below is her Letter/ad that was published in the C-J in April.


April 20, 2014

"Point of View"

In the April 9 edition of The Courier-Journal, in Representative Tom Burch's reply about the failure of the bills regarding abortion to pass in the Health and Welfare Committee, there were only two sentences about the actual bill, and there were several pro-life bills being presented. These bills would have helped girls to make an informed decision about abortion.

Similar bills have been submitted for several years and have been placed in the 16 member Health and Welfare Committee with Chairman Tom Burch. It's apparent to me that the Democrats in House Leadership have appointed the majority to the Health and Welfare Committee and each year they have been successful in keeping the pro-life bills from going to the House floor for a vote. This year, if the House has been given the opportunity to vote, there were sufficient votes on the floor to allow the bills to become law.

The intent of the Informed Consent Bill is for the woman considering an abortion to have a face-to-face meeting with a trained counselor. The purpose of such meeting is to discuss the development of her unborn child, options that are available, and resources to help her. At the present time counseling is permitted over the phone, often by recorded message.

Abortion in Kentucky is a multi-million dollar business. The abortion clinics in Louisville and Lexington (which are run by the same people) charge from $600 to $2,000 for an abortion and $200 for an ultrasound. In 2013, 3,435 went into the clinic in Louisville and about 2,000 in Lexington.

Sadly enough, 27 agencies are listed in the phone book to help with adoptions.

We pray and try to pass out leaflets at the abortion clinic at 2nd and Market Streets. The leaflets show the development of the baby, dangers of abortion, and a list of places that give assistance in Kentucky. There are at least two places that will provide a home for pregnant girls to stay until they have their babies.

It is important that everyone knows who their senator and house representative is and his/her position on life issues.

Call 1-800-372-7181 in Frankfort to get the name of your representatives.

The people of Kentucky have the right to know what's going on!

Margaret Lyon

P.S. Several Christian churches support counseling service and have free ultrasound. It's next to the abortion clinic at 2nd and Market Sts.

Courier-Journal Letter-Ad of Margaret Lyon
14 Nov 2014

LEGACY ARTICLE: CEDAW re-emerges in Louisville

by Anne Yeiser, Louisville RTL Board Member

In 2001 the United Nations Convention for the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) made its way to Louisville. Then city commissioner Delores Delahanty introduced a resolution to Fiscal Court "to ratify the UN [CEDAW]. In doing so, I believe we send a message that discrimination against women which continues to exist in this country and abroad is not acceptable. We also affirm the full advancement of all women in the workplace, their human rights, and their fundamental freedoms." The Fiscal Court passed the Resolution.

One of four members, County Judge/Executive Rebecca Jackson, voted NAY but was obliged to sign the Resolution as the Fiscal Court executive. Her comments were: …while I agree that no one in this world should be discriminated against for any reason… Today, Fiscal Court will vote on a resolution that asks our US government to ratify a UN Treaty that is more than 25 years old…It has languished in the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations under four presidents: Carter, Reagan, Bush and Clinton… so far neither party has gotten… to draw a Senate vote on the issue due to its lack of support within both Democratically and Republican controlled Senates… 165 countries in all have ratified this treaty. Of those more than one third have added reservations [that] severely hamper anyone's ability to actually achieve those goals outlined… [It offers] Dictators and Despots a shield to cover… to hide from the accusations made against the leadership… Do we believe that any of these Countries are truly living up to the standards that… the treaty sets out?… [It] allows leaders to pretend that they are not discriminating against the very women that the treaty is designed to protect. I believe this is dangerous.

(To read Jackson's full statement, see the "R-193-14 ATTACH Jeff Cty RES 20 SERIES 2001.pdf" available here.)

Again, during the autumn of 2014 a committee chaired by Metro Council member Mary Woolridge promoted CEDAW through a Resolution. The full Council was asked to vote on the Resolution on Thursday, November 6, 2014. A 90-minute discussion preceded the vote to allow the minority that opposed it to state objections and to hear arguments. You can watch and listen to the full proceedings here. For more on the Compassionate Cities initiative referred to in the debate, go here. Louisville is 35th on that list.

Visitors to the meeting sat on the right and left. Looking toward Metro Council Chairman Jim King, the CEDAW supporters sat on the left and those opposed were on the right. It was symbolic.

Just after the meeting was called to order, citizen activists were given three minutes each to express opinions on Louisville Metro Council agenda items. To see the agenda for November 6, 2014, go here. Of eight citizens, two were Right to Life leaders, Margie Montgomery and Mike Janocik. They presented the case against passing Resolution R-193-14. Three citizens spoke in favor of CEDAW. Other topics were also addressed. We have asked permission of the Metro Council to post the audio of Margie and Mike on this page. Their photos were captured by screenshot from the online video. To read the Right to Life letter to the Council opposing the Resolution and the League of Women Voters letter that encourages a YES vote, go here.

R-193-14 states:

The Amended version drops all reference to CEDAW but retains the anti-discrimination language. For the amended version and other pertinent attachments, go here. A vote on accepting the amended resolution failed. Those voting YES to the AMENDED Resolution were: Robin Engel, Stuart Benson, Kevin Kramer, Ken Fleming, Cindi Fowler, Kelly Downard, Glen Stuckel, Marilyn Parker, Dan Johnson, James Peden and David Yates. NOTE: In the summary of the CEDAW TREATY, the website referenced as www.WomensTreaty.com should be www.WomensTreaty.org/ and http://www.cedaw2014.org On those web pages, you will see that Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif) is leading the charge.

At the tail end of the debate, Councilman David Yates spoke up that Council members are "sent here to do a job." He said that members are elected to work on filling potholes and putting people back to work and that this discussion was taking away from "the things we are paid to do." He pointed out that all members opposed discrimination against women and wanted to support a local effort to help put an end to any that exists, and suggested wording to eliminate the CEDAW support.

After a final vote, 20 voted in favor of the amended language and 3 opposed. Yates's revision basically read, “This resolution neither condones or endorses any treaty.”  However, the Resolution title is: “A Resolution Supporting Cities for CEDAW” (to the best of my knowledge and I have not found a document that records the final version.) The 90-minute time limit rushed the vote to a conclusion and three council members who spoke against the resolution did not agree with the final amendment. It was confusing. A webpage celebrating the passage of the Resolution is here. The white sheets you see in the photos were messages or signs in support of CEDAW that supporters held high.

Testimony of Margie Montgomery at the Louisville Metro Council

Margie Montgomery, representing Right to Life of Louisville, urged opposition and noted that the Treaty has never been ratified by the US Congress ever since it was first submitted 34 years ago. Though the word "abortion" does not appear in the text of CEDAW, Article 12 is always interpreted by official bodies (CEDAW Commission, European Parliament etc.) to include promotion of abortion. The Committee that oversees the Treaty has pressured 83 member nations to weaken or repeal laws that protect unborn children, and holds that CEDAW nations should provide public funding of abortion. It is critical of nations that have laws allowing medical professionals to opt out of providing abortions.

29 Ap 2014

LEGACY ARTICLE: Remembering Sr. Prisca

February 15, 1916 – August 12, 2015

Sister Mary Prisca Pfeffer, R.S.M., who passed to her eternal reward, August 12, 2015, was a truly exceptional woman in many respects. One of the earliest members of Right to Life of Louisville, she also served as its secretary for many decades.

As a teacher, she realized early in the 1970’s that students needed to be educated on the issues of abortion and euthanasia so that respect for all human life would be emphasized. In those years, Sister Prisca was principal of Mercy Academy. Right to Life speakers, both national and local, were invited there frequently by her and her colleague, Sister Mary Imelda Lee, R.S.M., who was also a RTL of Louisville Board member, and has been deceased for several years.

Sister Prisca’s history of attending pro-life prayer services, meetings, walks, marches, conventions, seminars, bus trips to Washington D.C., and praying and picketing at abortion mills, during the last 40 years is remarkable. She has been an outstanding fundraiser for the pro-life causes, such as our annual Walk for Life.

In 1997 Sister Prisca received the prestigious Humanitarian of the Year Award presented by the Right to Life of Louisville. Sister received the 2001 Red Rose–-White Rose Award presented by the Kentucky Right to Life Association.

As a Sister of Mercy for 81 years, she was a well-known teacher and principal at Mercy Academy, and was founding principal of Assumption High School. In November 2014, Sister Prisca received the Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice Cross, the highest award of the Roman Catholic Church for her distinguished and lifelong service to the Church.

We will miss her deep respect for human life at all stages, her wise advice in so many matters, and her joy of living a blessed life for 99 years.

Margie Montgomery with Sr. Prisca

Margie and Sr. Prisca