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Louisville, Ky.

Louisville Board members Rob Drigger and Jim Thomas co-chair the membership committee. Get involved with RTL of Louisville! Be part of the team effort to bring an end to abortion and restore respect for life from conception to natural death.

A look back at the 46th Celebration of Life Banquet

Award Winners

Shown left are the 2019 Award Winners. Ed Harpring, shown with his wife and family, won the Humanitarian of the Year award; Tony and Sue Medley won the Volunteers of the Year and their clan came to cheer; Cathie Young, Louisville board member, attorney, wife and mom of five— all who attended, won the Educational Foundation Award. More here.

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We thank the Youth For Life for the video below of the 2018 Louisville for Life. Great job!
The Louisville Metro Hall formerly was the Jefferson Co. Courthouse but is labeled the Kentucky Courthouse in the video.
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Ryan Bomberger

8 Mar 2019

2019 Celebration of Life Banquet

The 46th Annual Celebration of Life Banquet was a dynamic evening with over 500 guests! The featured speaker was an African American child of rape and an adoptee.

Ky Senate room at state capitol

25 Oct 2018

The importance of elections

Who will serve in the Kentucky legislature in 2019? It makes a huge difference. Since Governor Matt Bevin has been in office, we have made great strides for pro-life legislation.

Truth in Media

20 Apr 2014

Truth in Media

A bold woman invests in educating the public about abortion and the Kentucky Legislature.

2019 board chairman

1 Oct 2018

2018 Louisville Annual Meeting

New officers and board members were elected at the 2018 Annual Meeting. Our new Board President is Mary Ann Schubert. She is shown with Oratory Contest winners of 2017.

Sr. Prisca at the Celebration of Life banquet

19 Aug 2015

Remembering Sr. Prisca

The Recording Secretary of the Louisville RTL can never be replaced. She lived to be 99...

Ann McElhinney

20 Apr 2018

A look back at the 2018 Banquet

The 45th Annual Celebration of Life Banquet April 20 was an outstanding success due to many factors, especially since our speaker, Ann McElhinney, has become a popular pro-life author, speaker and film producer.

Memorial Ad

20 Jan 2019

A look back at the 2019 C-J Memorial Ad

To honor and remember the nearly 61 million babies aborted since 1973, we sponsor a signature ad in the statewide edition of the Courier-Journal. We continue to accept your donations to help pay for this ad.

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There is STRENGTH in numbers. We need your committed assistance in STANDING for LIFE. As a member, you are helping to fight for and to restore the sanctity of human life by:

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  • Helping to protect human life, in particular, the most vulnerable among us
  • Advocating for alternatives to abortion, embryonic stem cell research, and the hastening of death by euthanasia and assisted suicide
  • Becoming active in activities and events to make the public aware of the REAL situation
  • Supporting your Louisville and KRLA staff as they work to affect state legislation and public opinion about prolife issues
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