Know Your Legislators

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new senators in 2023
  • Amanda Mays Bledsoe - D-12, won against Democrat Bill O’Brien), replaces Alice Forge Kerr.
  • Gary Boswell - D-8, replaces retiring Matt Castlen. Uncontested in General Election.
  • Matthew Deneen - D-10, replaces retired Democrat Dennis Garrett. Uncontested in General Election.
  • Shelley Funke Frommeyer - D-24, won against Dem. Rene Heinrich, replaces Will Schroder.
  • Lindsey Tichenor - D-6, won against Republican Bill Ferko, replaces C.B. Embry.
  • Gex Williams - D-20, won against Democrat Teresa Barton, replaces retired Paul Hornback.

Special Elections to replace SENATORS

  • Ralph Alvarado - D-28, and
  • Morgan McGarvey - D-19— to be held on Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2023

A special election will be held early this year to fill Sen. Alvarado's seat.

Misty Glin has been nominated as the Republican candidate in the special election in S.D. 19. The JCRP Executive Committee unanimously approved her nomination 36-0. Misty will be on the ballot for the special election which takes place on Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2023. She was most recently a candidate for JCPS school board. She will run against Democrat Cassie Armstrong, currently a Louisville Metro Council member.

MORE NEW pro-lifers

new representatives in 2023
  • Jared Bauman, D-28, won against incumbent Democrat Charles Miller.
  • Steve Bratcher, D-25, won against Democrat Katherine Leonard, replaces retired Jim DuPlessis.
  • Emily Callaway, D-37, won against Democrat Jeffrey Donohue.
  • Mike Clines, D-68, won against Democrat Kelly Jones, replaces retired Joe Fischer.
  • Stephanie Dietz, D-65, won against incumbent Democrat Charles Wheatley.
  • Robert Duvall, D-17, replaces retired Steve Sheldon. Uncontested in General Election.
  • John Hodgson, D-36, replaces retired Jerry Miller. Uncontested in General Election.
  • Kevin Jackson, D-20, won against Democrat incumbent Patti Minter.
  • Jacob Justice, D-94, won against Democrat incumbent Angie Hatton.
  • Amy Neighbors, D-21, replaces retiring Bart Rowland. Uncontested in General Election.
  • Rebecca Raymer, D-15, won against Democrat Britt-Hernandez-Stevenson, replaces retired Melinda Gibbons Prunty.
  • D. Wade Williams, D-4, won against Democrat Byron Hobgood. This seat was formerly held by Lynn Bechler who ran in the redistricted D-12.
  • Susan Tyler Witten, D-31, won against Democrat Sue Foster. This seat was formerly held by Democrat Josie Raymond. Raymond won in the newly redistricted 41, portions of which were formerly served by Democrat Mary Lou Marzian.
  • Nick Wilson, D-82, who is replacing retired Regina Huff. Uncontested in General Election. (All but Nick were endorsed in the KRTL Victory PAC, but we know not all had time to return the PAC survey.)