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Equipping the next generation to embrace a culture of life.

The Right to Life Educational Foundation of Kentucky has been educating the public about the dignity of human life for over 30 years. No organization is more dedicated to the restoration of the sanctity of human life through education. Call us now to schedule a pro-life presentation for your classroom, church or civic group. We’re here for you!

Educational Foundation Lecture Series:

The U.S. Supreme Court and Abortion (40 minutes)
  1. Fetal development with 3D scale models
  2. Abortion laws before Roe v. Wade court decision
  3. Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton court decisions and how they legalized abortion through all nine months of pregnancy for any reason
  4. Abortion techniques (for appropriate age groups or if requested)
  5. Chemical abortion: RU486, emergency contraception or morning after pill
  6. Abortion statistics
  7. Reasons for abortion
  8. Abortion in Kentucky
  9. Crisis Pregnancy Centers
  10. Adoption
  11. Public opinion about abortion
  12. Why legalized abortion is contrary to human freedom and the founding princi-ples of the United States of America
Assisted Suicide / Euthanasia (20 minutes)
  1. What is assisted suicide and euthanasia?
  2. How assisted suicide differs from the refusal or withdrawal of extraordinary medical treatment.
  3. Assisted suicide&;rsquo;s link with abortion
  4. Assisted suicide and the law
  5. Nutrition and hydration: basic care or extraordinary treatment?
  6. Persistent Vegetative State: A troublesome diagnosis
  7. Case study discussions
  8. Dangers of assisted suicide
  9. Advanced Directives / Living Will or Will to Live? Protect yourself from assisted suicide or euthanasia
  10. Q&A / Discussion
Embryonic Stem Cell Research / Human Cloning (30 minutes)
  1. What are stem cells?
  2. Where do they get stem cells?
  3. Why all the hype and controversy?
  4. Are human embryos human lives… Human beings?
  5. I’m confused. Shouldn't I just trust the scientists?
  6. They’re going to die anyway. Why not use them for research?
  7. Adult stem cell research: the morally and clinically superior alternative
  8. What does embryonic stem cell research have to do with human cloning?
  9. Is embryonic stem cell research illegal? Didn't the President ban embryonic stem cell research?
  10. Q&A / Discussion
Restoring the Culture of Life (10 minutes)
  1. How do pro-lifers get involved?
  2. How can we inform our friends and families?
  3. Where can I volunteer?
  4. How can I form a group at my school or church?
  5. How do I stay informed of the fast-changing developments?
  6. Q&A / Discussion
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Call 502-895-5959 to schedule a speaking engagement!

Some of the organizations at which the Right to Life Educational Foundation speakers have lectured include:
University of Louisville
Indiana University South East
McKendree College
Bellarmine University
Trinity High School
Kentucky Doctors for Life
University of Kentucky, Newman Center
KET Kentucky Tonight Television Panelist Discussion