pro-life generation

Each year in September join us to Walk for Life. The Walk helps KRLA to raise funds and shows the community a pro-life presence.

Help Us Build a Culture of Life!

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KRLA is 100% funded by donations. Please give. Thank you!

How will my donation be spent?

How the Educational Foundation uses your donations

Your donations to the Right to Life Educational Foundation of Kentucky help us share important information and build up the pro-life community. As more people join in we can

  • Establish a stronger presence in Kentucky by having a paid staff to play a larger role in outreach to students and others through innovative pro-life activities
  • Expand and maintain our website and social media participation to educate the public on Life issues
  • Have more funds for media programs like outdoor media, TV and radio spots
  • Support the projects and events of the Kentucky Teens for Life Coalition.