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Thomas Mcfarland

I have been an advocate for Life in many states and I am back in Louisville,Ky. to be with my grandson. I sent Mich McConnel and the LMPD the following Email : I am a 62 year old man,Tax payer,Citizen,Christian,and a Nam Vet, and have lived here most all my life. This email comes to you over the MURDERS of Gods "PRECIOUS" babies by the womens clinic on Market Street at 2nd Street. For MANY years this facility has been allowed to operate and kill human life. Their is NO argument,Life at conception IS Gods Plan and the rights of these babies and protection of IS our Business and duty. YOUR Police take an oath to do exactly that and YOU ARE NOT HOLDING TRUE. I am ashamed of Louisville and my Country for allowing this Murder to continue and I am ashamed of POLICE for not having the integrity to stop it. To me PIG stands for PRIDE INTEGRITY GUTS. You call yourselves a Brotherhood. The world lacks men of Integrity and that is why our society is the way it is. YOU allow MURDER for profit and the commonwealth and legal system,all the way up to ALL Government,IS corrupt. When I am asked why we don't hear about Gangsters anymore I only can say with TRUTH,that's because they run the government. The commonwealth continues to say "We want to protect the children" but in FACT,they MURDER them for PROFIT $$$ !!! I am a father who has lost both his only children,Boys,Thomas 15,01/09/1996,suicide. Joshua 28, 07/07/2010,Floating blood clots,massive heart failure. Joshua left 4 boys by 3 mothers and ALL of them are drugers. I had the baby's mother,Tiffany Sunshine Knowland, and 4 others arrested,in cooperation with Mr. Harper and 2 of his NARC officers, in 2011 for manufacturing/use/sales of meth. Now she is in Federal custody awaiting an 8 yr. plea sentence.. I am a 28 year Pro-Life advocate and protester. I am a 35 year NRA supporter and a 6 year constitutional open carry . I just felt compelled to bring the above mentioned issues to EACH of you who took the oath. As a war veteran I also took an oath to defend and protect my country and citizens against both foreign and domestic terrorists and I fully intend to do that until my last breath. I will continue to have ALL of your officers " 6 " and am NOT a threat or enemy of yours. This is NOT the same country I used my youth to protect and serve and I am disgusted with the gay crap and abortions and the unruly behavior of a few that threaten the lives of the many. When mans laws are no longer GODS laws,we are no longer under mans laws. I Demand you UPHOLD the Laws and help stop the abortions at this clinic and turn from the evil ways this city/country is doing. Matthew 18:10Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones; for I say unto you, That in heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven.