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Ky Right To Life Yeiser

A poem was sent to us by Mr. Thomas who seeks to be a voice for the voiceless.

A CRY FROM THE WOMB by Lewis E. Thomas 10/02/2012
I will never see light; I'll never hear a sound I'll never get to laugh at a circus clown. I'll never chase a butterfly; I'll never smell a rose I will never awake from my prenatal doze. No, I will never know a hug or a kiss I'll never get to see my brother and sis. I will never have a little puppy of my own Or watch one frolic and play with a bone. I'll never see a rainbow or watch the snow fall I'll never get the chance to grow strong and tall. I'll never have a birthday party with ice-cream and cake I will never go swimming down at the lake. There will never be a Christmas morning for me No, I will never have a gift under the tree. I will never get to see my Mom and Dad I want to cry because that makes me sad. I'll never build a sandcastle down by the sea In a few more seconds I'll cease to be. I'll never see a sunset or stars in the sky My Mommy doesn't want me so I have to die. I wish she could see that I'm not a blob But, a special life sent to her by God. The suction machine is now pulling my substance apart My legs, my arms, and now finally my heart. "Mommy", "My heart was filled with love just for you!" They tossed it into that dumpster out back painted blue. When everyone meets this Christmas and gathers around the tree May Jesus remind you that everyone's there but me! When you see that jolly old man dressed in red Remember all the babies like me who are dead. God sees our blood all over the land How much longer will God let America stand?