Plato is the poster child of Obamacare!

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Wesley J. Smith and Burke Balch (right): General Session speakers on 6/27
Wesley J. Smith and Burke Balch (right)
General Session speakers on 6/27
The Friday morning General Session of the 2014 NRLC Convention featured Wesley J. Smith and Burke Balch.

Burke, an attorney with NRLC, explained why Hippocrates and Plato of late 4th century Greece were at opposite poles. Hippocrates advised physicians to "Do No Harm," and his creed owned the medical establishment of the Western world for centuries-- until fairly recently. Plato, in The Republic, Book 3, stressed the need for physicians to discern among their patients the ones who could attain enough wellness to contribute to society, and for those who were not able to live in an ordinary way, it would be best not to treat. "Be skeptical of hospitals, and fear your doctor!" Burke advised. "Prepare to go outside of the United States for health care to save your loved one's life." We are now in a post-Hippocratic system of healthcare.

Wesley Smith asked, "Did you know that New Zealand recently afforded human rights to a river?" No? Are you a speciesist? Well, check out the movie, http://speciesismthemovie.com/ His insights and arguments were keen as always. Read his blog, http://www.nationalreview.com/human-exceptionalism

And visit the NRLC website to download the fantastic, eye-popping, rich-content presentations of all of the 2014 Convention speakers! www.nrlc.org