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TODAY, October 1, is the Give Local Louisville big day of giving! It is a one-day event where non-profit groups encourage people to make a charitable gift and multiply their donations by a proportionate amount of the total gifts made on that day. To participate, go to: on October 1, and please make a donation to the Right to Life Educational Foundation of Kentucky. Thank you!

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The U.S. funds 30% of the U.N. budget so that it can... do what?!

The United Nations in New York (1434882664)

The United Nations has been in the news a lot lately. If only the media would report more than sound bites and fluff, we could learn that it is the largest promoter of abortion worldwide! The National Right to Life operates an "NGO" (non-governmental organization) to represent prolife concerns at the UN and to keep tabs on the many UN agendas to assure abortion rights for all women everywhere. One of its representatives, Raimundo Rojas, who is also the NRLC's director of Hispanic Outreach, spoke at the 2015 NRLC Annual Convention.

Mr. Rojas shared what is REALLY going on at the UN, and it is hard to fathom. How can ordinary people in first-world countries, much less the third-worlders, understand that the UN's main goal is depopulation, worldwide?

How can we penetrate the purposes of CEDAW, which ignores the "honor-killing" of women by the Palestinian Authority, but shrilly objects to Belaurus reinstating Mother's Day?

Did you know that UNICEF asks children to collect pennies on Halloween that will be used to spread propaganda no prolifers would support? UNICEF funded a brochure for Mexican teens that recommended sex with inanimate objects, animals, homosexuals and prepubescent children, to advise them on how to avoid pregnancy.

Uganda proposed an "ABC" approach to sexual health, namely, Abstain, Be faithful to your spouse, and Condoms if the first two options fail, but the UN committee to oversee this area of human activity, refused to entertain the concept.

The UN began after the war in 1945 to protect territorial waters and to work for nonaggressor policies, but today "it is literally into everything," says Rojas. The worst document he has ever seen is the most recent one penned by the Commission on Population and Development. He noted that the NRLC NGO was instrumental in preventing it from having an "outcome" which is a major victory.

Your support of KRLA helps to win such victories. Let's keep fighting the good fight!

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