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Update on David Daleiden and Imminent Congressional Action

Help hold Planned Parenthood accountable for their illegal sale of baby parts

        A nationwide webcast on Tuesday night, September 15, reported the current situation and needs of David Delaiden and the Center for Medical Progress. David is the 26 year-old citizen reporter who spearheaded the Planned Parenthood expose proving:

  1. PP sells baby parts as line item entries in their invoices.
  2. PP changes the abortion procedure to obtain better quality specimens for sale, again breaking the law and destroying any trust between the PP patient and her abortionist.
  3. The practice is approved at the highest levels of PP, and they work to cover it up.

Center for Medical Progress video

        During the webcast, David pointed out that those three points are the most shocking revelations, and they define the scandal. He also said that while our nation treats unborn children like useless blobs, their body parts are valued like buried treasures. Which is it, America? The brutality and violence we see and hear of in the videos is staggering. Let's not simply move away and forget.
        David and his Center for Medical Progress are under the severest attacks from the corporate lawyers of the National Abortion Federation which is PP's industry association. As we might imagine they have legions of attorneys busy serving gag orders, law suits, requests for investigations--from Congress and allies on the government level, doing as much as they can to discredit David and the videos. They are suing for a lot of money and to completely remove all evidence.
        We are all urged to:

  • Pray for David, pray for people's eyes to be opened, and for truth and justice to prevail.
  • Promote the videos! Share them! They are all online on the Center for Medical Progress channel on
  • Pitch in! The legal defense needs help to hire attorneys and expert witnesses. Read about the legal challenges here.
  • Participate! If you signed the KRLA petition to defund PP, THANK YOU. Make your voice HEARD. Don't stop now! There is still lots of momentum and we CAN and MUST stay the course. The lead counsel for the defense has stated that in his 45 years of experience, this is the most massive assault against truth he has ever witnessed.
  • Finally---not a P but a C--- Call your Congressmen and Senators! A showdown is imminent. Three bills will be voted on SOON, including a Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood in the House!

The screenshots below show some of the scenes with dialog from the video posted on Sept. 15...

Center for Medical Progress video

Center for Medical Progress video

Center for Medical Progress video

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