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KRLA Bulletin

KRLA.ORG | 134 BRECKINRIDGE LANE, LOUISVILLE, KY 40207 | 502-895-5959 | SEPTEMBER 15, 2014

UPCOMING: Annual Win-Win Golf Outing

Join us on October 20 at the Shelbyville Country Club (SCC)!
If you like to golf with friends, make new acquaintances, get lots of perqs, and support The Right to Life Educational Foundation of Kentucky, register by calling the office,
502-895-5959. For more information, go here.


In Kentucky, October 6 is the deadline to register to vote. Type, skype and hype to encourage your unregistered friends to go here for the form. Be aware, if you click to that page you will also see a picture of ALG...
Watch this week as we post the full PAC Alert!

WOW! What a WALK!

On Saturday, Sept. 6, an estimated 500 prolifers walked from Broadway at Shelby St., to 4th St., to Market St., across to Floyd, down Floyd to Chestnut and then home to Shelby, a distance of 5 kilometers or 3.3 miles. Visit the photo album, and if you find yourself in a picture, you can email a link from that page to invite your friends to see the album-- not to mention that will bring visitors to our website!

THANK YOU TO each wonderful KRLA supporter who walked for LIFE.