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Encouraging Pro-lifers to VOTE!

Getting the pro-life message out takes some advertising. We know we can't count on the Courier-Journal or most other large media outlets to encourage Kentuckians to VOTE PRO-LIFE. There is a MEAN MEDIA BIAS! To counter it, the Right to Life Educational Foundation of Kentucky purchased a radio schedule that began the week of September 26.

You can hear these ads on 84 WHAS about 8x/day, and on the Kentucky News Network stations at various times. KNN is affiliated with iHeartRadio. If you miss hearing them on the radio or your computer, listen to them on the website. You will like the messages… Abortion statistics for Kentucky… Abortion procedure and trauma… Babies feel pain at 20 weeks… Supreme Court one judge short of pro-life agenda… Let's be proudly pro-life in November. Lives depend on it.

media bias exposed in tv show

Neil Cavuto interviewed BRENT BOZELL just after the first Presidential debate to discuss media bias during the debate. Click image to see the video clip.

Pac alert

Can you pass the PAC test?

Click for the list of questions that the KRLA Political Action Committee mails to candidates each election. When the answers are 100% pro-life, we endorse them, giving preference to incumbents who have a proven track record in voting prolife. Those with pro-life answers are recommended.

State Conference News

Speaking of MEDIA BIAS, the featured speaker at our 2016 State Conference is the maven on that issue. BRENT BOZELL is Founder and President of the Media Research Center, the largest media watchdog organization in America. His most recent book, Whitewash: What the Media Won’t Tell You About Hillary Clinton, but Conservatives Will, sounds like a GOOD READ.
    KRISTAN HAWKINS, President of Students for Life of America, will also rally us to action! Join us at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Louisville to hear him on Nov. 12, along with other wonderful speakers. REGISTER NOW!

Will your pro-life family member who is in the military overseas be able to vote? He or she may expect a ballot to be delivered, but that may not occur. Help them vote!

Join us for the Annual General Meeting!

ATTENTION MEMBERS! Get the snapshot of Right to Life of Louisville and KRLA, and meet pro-life candidates and legislators! Join us on Monday evening, October 10, at 7 PM at Little Sisters of the Poor, 15 Audubon Plaza Dr. in Louisville. No reservation is necessary.

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