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KRLA Bulletin

KRLA.ORG | 134 BRECKINRIDGE LANE, LOUISVILLE, KY 40207 | 502-895-5959 | OCTOBER 1, 2014

Get Out The Vote!

Recently the Courier-Journal stated that Mitch gets more money from PACs while ALG gets more from individuals. What does that really mean? What is a PAC? Visit the Federal Election Commission site for info.

The KRLA PAC was formed to help elect pro-life candidates. We are individuals working as a team because there is strength in numbers. We carefully vet candidates and will not endorse or recommend them in our PAC ALERT unless they pass a rigorous evaluation of their pro-life stance. An incumbent candidate with a proven voting record for pro-life legislation is given priority in our endorsements. If you would like to donate online to the KRLA PAC, go here.

Perhaps you have been reading about the TurboVote. This is a new online registration drive and web app whose supporters are NOT known to be pro-life. If you search online for more information, you will discover that electronic voting via devices such as the iPad are "in the wings" of the TurboVote.

Get out the vote!

Let's turbocharge the GOTV movement for pro-life candidates!

ATTENTION GOLFERS! If you like to golf with friends, make new acquaintances, get lots of perqs, and support The Right to Life Educational Foundation of Kentucky, then join us October 20 at the Shelbyville Country Club (SCC).
Register by calling the office, 502-895-5959. For more information, go here.

In Kentucky, October 6 is the deadline to register to vote. Type, skype and hype to encourage your unregistered friends to go here for the form.

Join us for the Annual General Meeting!

Get the snapshot of KRLA and meet pro-life candidates. Join us on Monday evening, October 6, at 7 PM at Little Sisters of the Poor, 15 Audubon Plaza Dr. in Louisville. Elections of KRLA officers and directors will be held. Photos and results will be posted online.